Companies that cared about managing reputation while dealing only with the customers is considered extremely old fashioned these days. Changing interactive market place trend has made online reputation a primary factor to care to acquire new customers and maintain existing customer base.

Free consumer forums, discussion groups, blogs and social media sites are helping consumers not only to know better about the products but also about the bad practices of businesses. Most of the internet users know only this side of the reality. For businesses, the dark side shows its cruelty as businesses lose their customer base and brand image due to spoiled reputation. Ex-employees, business competitors, upset customers and suspicious SEO companies are targeting various businesses to damage their reputation in the competitive global market. Read the rest of this entry »

SEO- Is it a Rocket Science?

Business owners are breaking their heads to decide on the role of SEO in their marketing initiatives to cope up with growing global competitions. Some of the questions are:

  • Why do I need to add additional item in the marketing budget?
  • Do I need to strengthen existing marketing team which is already trying to dominate?
  • How important is Google search or Yahoo search?

Simple answer: Customer base that relies on the internet is growing day by day. A decade ago, people laughed while hearing the idea of selling cars online. Now, before spending on a car, a major portion of auto buyers are doing research on makes and models of the car and they want to know whether the car dealers are reliable. So it has become unavoidable to study on the impact of online presence of auto manufacturers as well as their dealers. Read the rest of this entry »

eGrove System at first focused website designing, building e-commerce websites, now masters every steps of a professional web project: concept, design, accessibility, development, web marketing, SEO and more

We base our offers on the market’s most powerful CMS like Joomla, WordPress, ZenCart etc, We provide our clients the most competitive prices and delivery time, a very large usability even for the most beginners, a security that’s everyday checked for issues and tested by hundreds of developers, a fully customizable template design etc. Read the rest of this entry »