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So, you are on the look to increase your page ranks and get your e-commerce website pipe ahead the rest of your competitors. Yes, most of us indeed concentrate on the exact phrase of ‘how to’ get across the barriers of competition and get ranked high the most. Prestashop rich snippets is one unique tool that help you gain a successful ranking by means of reviews and product views that are gained by customer favor. Increase your Google SEO position and traffic for the various products that are offered with the use of relevant and rich Product Review & Google Snippet SEO Boost that works precisely to deliver the CTR and rank you just wanted in time!

Take a more closer look at these prestashop google snippets as you are offered the complete benefit of monitoring the reviews at your convenience. Get going great with the third party widget enabled functionality that helps you install codes of your choice and thus display your ‘unique’ functional features in the module you desire.

Get it all rated up! Configure the texts and the rating scales with custom defined units or upload an icon of your choice or match it up to serve the season and fever. Accept reviews as a whole, else if you are on the look for an easier work out, automate acceptance or delete ones that you do not wish to retain.

Your business is definitely going to be global and take advantage of the multi lingual interface that works out precisely to post up reviews in the languages desired. Further, patch up with the facebook feature that integrates the ‘like’ button along with options for the users to transfer them to their wall and share it with ease.

Expand your business and customize the pages that you wish to display to get rated up. With the all new PrestaShop front office Module, you are sure to get enhance your position rankings and the conversion rates. Pick up Product Review & Google Snippet SEO Boost and get ranked the right way ever!!

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