Day by day the popularity of the Python language is rapidly increasing. Python programming language is a modern web programming language that was originally conceived and developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1980s. The simplicity, reliability and easy interfacing of Python attract many developers towards it. The developers have written many applications based on the Python language.

During the past twelve months more than 1587 Python developer jobs were advertised on Twitter. Most of the developers love to work on projects based on Python programming language. Many experienced developers prefer Python language for the beginners who are eager to learn a programming language. This programming language is fully scalable and flexible enough for beginners to have a great beginning.

Python is widely used in the website development. Python provides various web frameworks to develop the website, such as Django, web2py, Pyramid, TurboGears, Flask, Bottle, Plone, and Django CMS. With the help of these frameworks, Python helps you to develop a powerful website.

Some of the popular websites which are using Python programming language is, Google, YouTube, Reddit (Pylon), Facebook (PHP & Python), FriendFeed, Tabblo (Django), SuggestionBox (Django), Bitbucket (Django), Disqus, and Quora.

According to a survey, Google rejects the website which is not properly updating and maintaining. If you want the search engines to crawl your website means, you should maintain your Python site in a good manner. There are many developers ready to provide maintenance services for Python sites. Choose a perfect and dedicated development team for your Python site enhancement and maintenance.

Why to maintain the Python site?

Most of the website owners think that they are done with setting a good site and do not have to do anything else apart from running their business. But to run a successful online business merchant should maintain the website regularly with the best services and tools. Many online customers wish to visit an eCommerce website which is easy to navigate, everything works properly, no broken or bad links, etc. When you are updating your website by using maintenance services, you can attract all these potential customers towards your business.

Tips for maintaining the Python site

Updating website content regularly: Fresh content helps you to easily attract many users’ attentions towards your site. Update your Python website with informative content, blogs and articles about your products and services. This content helps to increase the customer confidence and builds a trustworthy relationship with them.

Easy navigation: Most of the online users wish to visit a website which is very simple to use and helps them to easily find what they are looking for. Poor navigation reduces website traffic. Make your site visitors feel comfortable when they are using your site and thus increase the website traffic.

Attractive Images: The website look plays an important role to attract customers. They can resize and optimize images for your website or else apply special treatments like rounded corners.

A malfunction on your website may damage the business and destroy the reputation. To avoid this, one should implement website maintenance services for effective functioning in the long run. Regular updating creates new content, text, graphics or images that relate to your field to attract many visitors towards your website. One of the main reasons to go for this service is that it helps in providing the impression you want to create for your brand.

A good service provider will understand the clients’ requirements and provide them a perfect solution, making it highly user friendly and functional. For faster, much easier, great scalable and affordable Python solutions, a site owner should make sure to hire the appropriate website development service company.

Are you looking to build an excellent eCommerce website to run your business? There are many software’s available on the Internet such as Magento, PrestaShop, Python, Volusion, OpenCart, Drupal, and more, helps you to build the eCommerce website. Finding the best eCommerce software for your online store may be a confusing or daunting task. This article will help you to build a powerful eCommerce website by using Python Web Development.

 Python – Developed by Guido Van Rossum in 1991

Python is a general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented and high-level programming language which is very easy to learn and use. The simplicity, reliability, and easy interfacing that makes Python the most popular programming language in the world. Python is derived from many other languages, including ABC, Modula-3, C, C++, Algol-68, SmallTalk, and UNIX shell and other scripting languages.

Python is a robust and flexible language, which allows you to write the same program with much fewer lines of code than PHP. Python has very clear, concise, and orthogonal syntax that is used in many businesses, government, non-profit organizations, NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, Reddit (Pylon), Facebook (PHP & Python), FriendFeed, Tabblo (Django), SuggestionBox (Django), Bitbucket (Django), Disqus, and Quora.

Python for eCommerce

Most of the developers love to use Python than other programming languages. They have written many applications in Python such as software development, mobile applications, audio or video applications, office applications, console applications, image applications, games, 3D CAD/CAM, network programming, etc.

The professional and experienced developers build the eCommerce websites based on the Python language. Python has many eCommerce solutions which are used to build an excellent and powerful eCommerce website. The most popular and commonly used Python eCommerce solutions are Django, Satchmo, Cartridge, Oscar, Lightning Fast Shop, PloneGetPaid,, Easy Shop, etc.

Django is widely used for developing the eCommerce websites with many features such as, integrating with payment methods, supports multi languages, allows different shipping carriers, support for WYSIWYG editor, allows to add a comment and rate about the product, provide built-in tools for SEO, etc.

The Cartridge is a shopping cart application built using the Django framework. It is designed to provide a clean and simple base for developing eCommerce websites. The Cartridge also extends the Mezzanine, which is a powerful, consistent, and flexible content management platform. It is also built using the Django framework. It helps you to easily configure the product options (colors, sizes, etc.), provide hooks for tax/shipping calculations and payment gateways, offer promotional discount codes, PDF invoice generation (for packing slips), etc.

Satchmo is an eCommerce framework built on the Django framework, which is using the technology such as Python and Django 1.2.1. It has many rich features such as supports multiple shipping option (UPS, FedEx, USPS); integrated with many payment gateways (, Trust commerce, Google checkout, PayPal, and many more); multiple product types support (downloadable, subscription, custom configured products); editable customer model, discount codes support; multiple languages support; secure, scalable and robust system; flexibility (Django templating language, configurable URLs & checkout process), etc. Over 122 sites are built based on this Satchmo platform.

The professional developers help you to build and run the best eCommerce site. They can provide Python Development Services at affordable costs and help you to attain the full benefits of Python. Hire the dedicated service provider for your online business.

In this article we are going to know how Python web development competes PHP. Plenty of programming languages are available on the Internet. Python is one of the most popular object-oriented dynamic programming language, which was developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1980s. It is easy to learn and use this high level programming language. Python is also a cool and dynamic language which is used in many businesses, governments, non-profit organizations, Google search engine, YouTube, NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, Yahoo!, Facebook, and IBM.

Python can run on all major systems such as Windows, GNU/Linux, Apple Mac OS X, DOS, Amiga, etc. Compared to other programming languages such as C++ and Perl, Python is quite easy to learn. It is the most preferred choice  for solo projects as it  is highly flexible and dynamic. This scripting language promotes faster application development.

Why to use Python?

  • Easily interfaced with C, ObjC, Java, and FORTRAN
  • Python includes modules, classes, exceptions, very high level dynamic data types and dynamic typing
  • Python is better when compared to Lisp, Tcl, Perl, Ruby, C#, Visual Basic, Visual Fox Pro, Scheme or Java
  • It is an excellent language for learning object orientation
  • Portability allows for the same application to run across platforms
  • Python is supported for the Internet Communications Engine (ICE) and many other integration technologies
  • It is packed with rich libraries and many add-on packages to tackle specific tasks
  • It is a high level language which means faster development

Python web development competes PHP

PHP is one of the main competitors to Python’s dominance, but mostly in the web development arena. PHP is easily integrated with web development and can be used right out of the box called ASP. How does Python compete? Well, Python has many web frameworks whose features outperform PHP, so that it would be better to take on huge custom projects with Python and a framework such as Django or Plone instead of PHP. When compared to PHP, Python provides a more flexible base for web development. Python has an extensive arsenal of libraries that are extremely important for any mature language.

  • Python is extremely well documented
  • The design of the Python language is better than the PHP
  • Python encourages good coding skills, its exception and error handling system is much superior to PHP
  • Debugging is easy in Python when compared to PHP
  • A wide range of third-party modules is available for Python.
  • PHP is embedded in the web server, whereas Python web applications can either be embedded in the web server like PHP or run in a separate process
  • Python has very clear, concise, and orthogonal syntax, whereas PHP doesn’t
  • Python is atleast 2 times faster than PHP in performing the mathematical algorithm operations

Apart from the above points, Python has very clear, concise, and orthogonal syntax, whereas PHP has a syntax that is similar to C, lots of curly braces and dollar signs and “->”-s. Python has modules, whereas PHP doesn’t. Hence, Python is a great language which is used in many applications efficiently.

Python is a powerful programming language which is used in many applications. Python attracts many developers towards it. These developers written most of the applications based on this language. Most of the developers prefer Python for the web development because of its flexibility, simplicity, and reliability. Python is widely used in the web application development. The various types of web frameworks are used for Python Web Development. Web development is the coding or programming that enables the website as per the owner’s requirements. It ranges from creating simple plain text pages to complex web-based internet applications, electronic business applications, social network services, etc.

Website development is a broad term used for building, creating, and developing a website for the Internet (WWW – World Wide Web) or an intranet. It includes web design, web content development, web publishing, web programming, database management, the configuration of the web server, etc. The coding can be split into two approximate types, “server side coding” – concentrates on programming that affects the server, and “client-side coding” – concentrates on code that affects within a visitor’s browser. It is used for simple and highly professional task.

Python can run on all major systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Amiga, DOS, etc. It is easily interfaced with C, ObjC, Java, and FORTRAN. It comes with rich libraries and tools, which is used for developing the Python language. It is used in many business, government, non-profit organizations, Google search engine, YouTube, NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Python is also an interpreted language, such as PHP, Ruby, and Perl. The Python developers written many applications in Python such as software development, mobile applications, audio or video applications, office applications, console applications, image applications, games, 3D CAD/CAM, network programming, and many more.

For web development, the developers use web frameworks such as Django, Turbo Gears, Pylons,, web2py, Grok, Zope2, and many more frameworks. But most of the developers love to use the Django Framework for web development. Django is a high-level Python web application framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design on websites. It lets you to build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Django has full support for multi-language applications. The powerful, extensible, and designer friendly template language of Django helps to separate the design, content, and Python code.

Python provides interfaces to most databases, powerful text processing and document processing facilities, and plays well with other web technologies. Python’s web development capabilities are provided by add-on modules. Basic CGI capabilities are provided by the ‘cgi‘ module which comes in Python’s standard library. There’s also a wide range of third-party modules available for Python; some are complementary, others compete. As a result, Python provides a more flexible base for web development.

The experienced Web Development Company can offer the Python web application developing services at the minimum cost with more effective manner. This development helps you to build the powerful website and it is used to increase the growth of your business. This gives remarkable effects on your website.

In this article we are going to know how Python plays an important role in Zope Development. Python is a high level programming language which is preferred by more developers, because of its simplicity, reliability and easy interfacing. Python can able to run on all major operating systems such as Windows, Amiga, Linux/Unix, Mac, OS/2, BSD, etc. It attracts many programmers towards it, because it is very easy to learn and write programs in Python. The Python developers have written many applications in Python language, which are used in Python Development. The code written in this language is very readable. It is most similar to Ruby, Clojure, Groovy, Haxe, and Smalltalk. It can be easily interfaced with C, ObjC, Java, and FORTRAN. Python is very flexible and expressive. It is the best language to be used for solo projects.

Python is packed with rich libraries and many add-on packages to tackle specific tasks. Many companies like GOOGLE, Yahoo, and IBM use this Python, because it’s a fun and a dynamic language. Python provides more tools for both the developers and the system administrators. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles. Python used in many business, government, non-profit organizations, Google search engine, YouTube, NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Python used in many applications such as web applications, science application, image applications, games, mobile application, 3D CAD/CAM application, console application, audio application, internet application, software development, etc. Python is an excellent language for learning object orientation.

“Zope” – An Open Source Application Server and Content Management Framework

Zope stands for “Z Object Publishing Environment”, and was the first system using the now common object publishing methodology for the Web. Zope has been recognized as a Python killer app, an application that helped put Python in the spotlight. It is written in Python language, with performance critical parts in Cee language. The Zope community is one of the largest and most professional open-source communities worldwide. It is specialized in content management solutions, portal content management, and custom applications. Zope can be easily integrated with standard databases like Oracle and MySQL. Zope supports the operating systems Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP (standard, server, and professional edition), Linux, FreeBSD, etc.

Python in Zope Development

Zope is based on the object oriented language Python, which is easy to learn and comprehend. The majority of the Zope code is implemented in Python, with the exception of a small number of core modules implemented in C for performance reasons. Python provides various numbers of web frameworks Django, Flask, TurboGears, Tornado, Pyramid, Pylons,, web2py, Grok, Zope2, etc. Zope has grown into a family of frameworks over the years. Zope 1 was released in 1999. Zope 2 is a web framework and a general purpose application server, which is primarily used by Content Management Systems. Zope 3 is both a standalone framework and a collection of related libraries, which are also included with newer releases of Zope 2. All of the Zope frameworks include the ZODB, an object database for Python.

BlueBream is an open source web application server, framework and library, created by the Zope community and formerly known as Zope 3 (a web framework written in the Python programming language). It is licensed under the Zope Public License (BSD like, GPL compatible license). It is best suited for medium to large projects split into many interchangeable and reusable components. BlueBream uses the powerful and familiar Buildout system written in Python. BlueBream implements Python Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI using Paste, PasteScript, and PasteDeploy. Zope is a one of the important Python Application Framework, which is created the BlueBream. It is a basic framework providing the templates. Python also plays an important role in the development of other frameworks.

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Due to the increase growth in eCommerce business, software developers were quite busy involved in creating online shopping carts. If you own an online store, you would really know the basic foundation necessary for developing and implementing your store to go live. Store merchants should choose the best programming language packed with advanced functionality to make his complex task into simpler ones. The basic programming languages existing in our current world are Java, Python, C, C++, .Net etc. Each programming language possess its own procedural style of writing or designing codes to perform a task or a function. Python is one of the best programming language integrated in millions and millions of shopping carts. Object-oriented high level programming language You can use a huge range of Python Development Services offered by huge software companies in transforming your websites with simple look into attractive eye catching site. If your site is more attractive, you can notice more customers showing more interest to purchase product from your store. When comparing Python with other programming languages like Java, it has its own impact in providing a specialized style of coding.

Features of Python

  1. Modularity is an excellent feature which enables users to reuse the full Python code functionality.
  2. An open source software, object-oriented, high level programming language for developing web applications with advanced functionality.
  3. Works well with different programming languages like .Net, Java, Corba etc.
  4. Supports high level dynamic data types .
  5. User can easily read the syntax for executing huge tasks.
  6. This programming language is user-friendly and uses low level codes and huge libraries to compile the programs.
  7. One of the best scripting languages to execute programs at ease.
  8. Supports vast frameworks for creating elegant web applications.

Hire Python Developers at minimal rates who are dedicated in delivering full feature rich high services necessary for developing creative web applications. Website owners interested in developing and designing web application which can deliver more productivity with less maintenance costs can choose “Python” as the right technology.

Python Versus JAVA

  1. Python is more simpler, easy to read and understand rather than Java. Java is quite complicated, programmer creates huge coding to perform an easy task.
  2. When compared to Java, Python can easily transform all complex tasks into simpler ones.
  3. You can experience a faster execution of programs in Python when compared to Java
  4. Python remains dynamic, but Java variables are always static, once you have declared a variable function you cannot change it with a new one as it remains fixed.
  5. Python is more flexible and reliable when compared to Java. Developers can easily integrate and run across different platforms.
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In this article we are going to see about the attractive features which are used to create Group Deal website. It contains the information such as

  • Python
  • GroupOn Clone

Python – A high level programming language

According to the Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) index, Python is the second most popular programming language in the US. Python is a powerful dynamic programming language created by Guido van Rossum. Python is very flexible when compared to other programming languages. Hence it was attracted by many developers who loves to write programs. They developed many applications in Python language which are used in Python Development. Python is a feature-rich, simple, and reliable language. It is very easy to learn and use the syntax in the Python language. It is an interpreted, object oriented programming language, and also many developers use it as a scripting language.

  • Python is very expressive and very easy for the beginners who wants to write programs.
  • Python can be easily interfaced with Java, C, Fortran, ObjC, etc.
  • The codes in Python language are very easy to read.
  • Python is used in all levels of applications.
  • When compared to other programming languages, Python has a better community.
  • Most of the programmers and developers prefer Python over other languages.
  • It runs on all major operating systems such as Windows, Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, BSD, DOS, Amiga, etc.
  • Python is packed with rich libraries and many add-on packages to tackle the specific tasks.
  • It has many frameworks such as Django, Tornado, TurboGears, Flask, web2py, Zope2, Pyramid, Pylons,, Grok, etc.
  • Python is used by Google, Yahoo, IBM, Alice group at CMU (3D graphics), Infoseek, RedHat, etc.
  • Python is also used in a wide range of non-scripting contexts.

GroupOn Clone

The Python developers developed this GroupOn Clone to save lots of your valuable time with the help of the rich features. They integrate the Python with the GroupOn Clone in order to help you to get your own Group buying website. GroupOn provide its services in 500 markets and 48 countries, and many international major geographic markets include cities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Ukraine, Taiwan, Brazil, Germany, Greece, etc. Groupon Clone is a most advanced Group Buying script helps you to start your own group-buying site like Groupon or Living social. It is a perfect solution for launching a daily deal website, so that you can easily avoid spending thousands of dollars for developing a daily deal website. It supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. It is very easy to customize this GroupOn Clone.

Rich and Attractive features which help to create a Group Deal Web Site

  • Payment Gateway Integration: PayPal Pro is the best and the ideal payment gateway that can authorize the initial stages of the deal. It processes the payments very safe and secure.
  • Mass payment option: It allows the multiple user payments on the site by using the ‘Mass Payment’ feature.
  • Newsletter Subscription: With the help of this feature, your users can subscribe about a particular product information or any news. If any updates that are made in the product, by the merchant or the admin then the user will receive the mail about the updating.
  • Refer friends: If any users wish to refer their friends, they can use ‘share our link’ and ‘comments’ features or by importing contact list from the user’s Gmail account.
  • Report Generation: It generates many reports for the merchant reference. They are Subscribed User name, Date of subscriptions, Name of the product, and Payment / transaction details.
  • Coupon code generation: The merchant can create a coupon code, check the status of the coupons issued, and track the used and unused coupons.
  • Product Display: It displays the product based on the category and also the city wise.
  • It allows the users to sign-in and sign-up by using their Facebook account.
  • The users can gift the ‘Deals’ to their friends and they can view their Gift history at any time they want.
  • The merchant and the users can view the available, used, and expired deals.


The Python GroupOn Clone has many features to save your time and to attract many users towards your site. This will provide all facilities for you to run a successful website.

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eCommerce Web Applications can be developed using programming languages developed by smart developers. Each language has its own remarkable feature and functionalities. Based on the site owner requirement, developers can choose the right language for creating and designing an online store. In this fast growing technical world, you would have come across new technologies for creating web applications for multipurpose.

Python is one of the high level, object-oriented programming language used by developer to create attractive eCommerce shopping carts. It is an open source structured language which enables the developer to convert all complicated tasks into simpler ones. Supported with a wide array of frameworks which provides the best solutions in designing eCommerce websites. eCommerce developers have developed numerous eCommerce Applications with the help of the simple codes in Python. The list of frameworks supported by this software is Django, Plone, Zope, Miro Community, Scrapy CubisWeb, Pyramid, Web. Pay and Web2py. If any software developer is at the beginner stage of learning any program,then this language will be the right choice to start up with an easy syntax to perform a task or an action. Supports multiple programming paradigms, including imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.

Features of Python

  1. A simple programming language with easy code to read and learn, easy to install and configure.
  2. Low level network programming can be easily handled by Python.
  3. Can create incredible web applications with advanced functionalities.
  4. Excellent software in developing web based 3D games. Gaming frameworks available in Python are PyGame and PyKya. PyGame is used to create amazing video games. The libraries and the graphics are efficient to develop gaming application using Python.  It is developed to replace pySDL. PyKyra is one of the fastest gaming development frameworks. Its functionality is based in SDL and Kyra engine. Supports MPEG Video, sound (MP3, Wav, Multichannel Module files) direct images reading etc.
  5. Unlike other programming languages, the variable declaration in Python is static, which allows the user to change the defined variable. Because of this feature, this programming language is quite flexible and mostly used by developers.
  6. Interoperability is another feature, works well and quickly gets adapted to new programming language environment.

A wide range of Python Development tools like Python Editors, PythonShells, PythonDebuggers, Integrated Development Environments, Documentation Tools, Distribution Utilities, ConfigurationAndBuildTools, Bug Tracking, UsefulModules, Version Control, SkeletonBuilderTools, etc are currently available in our business market to develop and design websites of the own taste of an individual.

To make your site remain the best among other competitors, install this high technology oriented programming language on your website. Hire dedicated developer who is well talented, trained, experienced and professional in providing new ideas in adding new features your shopping cart. Companies afford developers at minimal rates to meet your requirements.

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Web development is creating attractive websites or web applications for multipurpose. It can be used for official or for any business purpose. Based on your requirement, you need to choose the programming language which is well suitable in delivering high technology oriented source code in creating and designing amazing websites. Modern software developers have introduced numerous programming languages to benefit the website owners. Python is one of the best programming languages preferred by huge store owners to develop web applications. It is object oriented and a high level programming language which enables the source code to be freely copyrighted by any third party user. Software companies offer wide collection of Python Development Services at affordable rates to attract website owners. Using this software you can develop shopping carts which can pull more customers to your site increasing your website traffic.

Features of Python

  1. Works well on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X.
  2. Open source eCommerce software.
  3. One of the best languages for programmers at the beginner stage.
  4. Uses a wide collection of frameworks as Zope,Miro Community, Django,Plone, Scrapy, CubisWeb, Pyramid, Web.Py and Web2py to create the best web application for online retailers.
  5. Simple Programming language, highly extensible interpreter, flexible as it works on both larger and smaller programs.
  6. Focuses on delivering more productivity when compared to other programming languages used worldwide.
  7. Can support in developing a wide range of web applications with different functionalities.
  8. Easily converts all complex tasks into simple ones.
  9. Easy to design and read the design codes. The codes are easy understandable.
  10. Best language for developing low level network programming.
  11. Huge list of libraries, add-ons and framework support is an added feature of Python to develop feature rich and elegant websites.

A team of dedicated Python Developers can offer high quality web application for your website. Developers are well trained, experienced, professional in delivering the exact right solution expected by the website owners. Site owners would might think about a simple task as many complicated and he needs a huge amount of money for resolving such queries. But with the proper assistance of such developers who can provide the perfect solution in matching the requirement of the store owners. Online retailers arrive with new ideas to be implemented in their shopping carts to enable more customers to proceed to checkout and place more orders. So obviously developers should be well versed in designing excellent web applications for store owners. Easy to install, quite flexible and reliable to work on and the maintenance cost is very low when compared to other high level programming languages.

For developing any web applications, Python will be the best suitable programming language always.

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