Are you looking to increase the sales of your business? Then you should make your existing customers feel happy through your services. Holding existing customers play an important role for the successful business. The number of repeat purchases made by customers’ shows that’s how they like your products, services, and brand. This will attract many new customers towards the business. If you make your existing customers happy then you can easily increase new customers to your business.

How to make your customers happy?

A lot of companies nowadays are coming up with various customer loyalty programs to ensure bigger profits for their companies. Through this program, you can offer reward points, discounts, deals and gifts to your loyal customers. Customers can receive those offers and points by plastic or punch cards called “Loyalty Cards”.

A loyalty card is a plastic or paper card, visually similar to a credit card, debit card, or digital card that identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program.

Facts about loyalty program

  • Membership in loyalty programs is growing at a rate of 26.7 percent with 2.65 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S.
  • 84 percent of consumers say they are more likely to visit the website of a retailer with a loyalty program.
  • 70 percent of members feel loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a company.
  • Loyalty programs can increase a brand’s market share by 20 percent.

By using loyalty program, you can gain the trust of loyal customers, then the product sales in your business will rapidly increase.

Who are loyal customers?

A loyal customer is one who makes regular purchases, refers others, and purchases across product and service lines. They help to increase the growth of the business by visiting the particular store regularly and purchase more products from it. It is quite impossible to run a successful business without them. Hence, it is very important to satisfy loyal customers.

Satisfy loyal customers through loyalty program

According to recent COLLOQUY research, 90 percent of Canada’s population is enrolled in at least one loyalty program – compared with 74 percent in the United States.

Identify your best customers and provide reward points to your customer for the purchases they made in your store. Through the loyalty program you can build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. You can boost your customers by providing more discounts, offers, gifts and deals for them. This will inspire your loyal customers to increase their loyalty in your business.

Everyone likes to feel included in something special, so make customers feel like VIPs by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions in a personalized manner. With the help of loyalty programs, you can attract new customers and also encourage loyal customers based on their loyalty. This is the best way to build your business and to increase loyal customers.

Wanna improve your customer loyalty using an innovative technique? Do you want to keep in touch with your customers all the time? Are you wishing to increase customer retention and business sales? This article has the answers to all these questions with a single solution; Loyalty Application that helps to meet all your business needs.

Mobile Loyalty App

Most of the people wish to use Smartphone instead of other phones. Smartphones are mobile phones which have computer ability or near computer ability. These phones are not only used for making calls and sending text messages, but they perform a number of other tasks and also used as an effective marketing tool. 73% of Smartphone users are interested in using loyalty apps and getting benefits from loyalty programs on their mobile devices.

A mobile loyalty app helps you to increase your customer loyalty by offering rewards, discounts and deals for them. It builds a strong friendly relationship between you and your customers. It helps you to boost all the customers to do repeat business with you and also purchase more products from your store. That means, it increases the customer retention as well as the product sales.

According to Frederick Reichheld, author of “The Loyalty Effect,” studied a range of industries and found that a 5 percent improvement in customer retention rates yields a 25-100 percent increase in the company’s profits.

Generally, there are different level of loyal customers present in a business. You can easily increase the sales of your business, when you satisfy all your customers. But satisfying and managing the customers, it’s not an easy task. Hence, the mobile developers develop a plenty of mobile apps to fulfil your business needs.

Smartphone app to improve customer loyalty

The best Smartphone app will provide you with the common features that helps to increase customer loyalty:

Offers and Discounts: Based on the customer loyalty, the app will provide reward points, discounts, deals, and offers. This will satisfy all your customers and boost them to increase their loyalty.

Electronic Wallet: Most of the loyal customers wish to visit the website which is providing loyalty program through Smartphone. Your customers can save their reward points through their phone. Without using a bunch of loyalty cards, they can easily use their loyalty points.

Geo Location Alerts: Will sends the location alerts about your branch store to grab your customers towards your store. It pushes the notification alert to your customer that “Your store is nearer to him.” Your customer can view your store location through Google Map.

The excellent app will offer you the best Mobile Loyalty Management feature to manage all your loyal customers in an effective and efficient manner. It manages your customers based on their likes, purchase trends, age, gender, demography and other parameters by generating exclusive offers and deals.

The efficient customer management system increases the customer loyalty and the growth of your business. Adopt a Smartphone loyalty app to enhance your customer retention, traffic, and sales in business.

Many different types of businesses from large to small use loyalty programs to increase sales, customer retention, and acquire new customers in their business. Many consumers enjoy reaping rewards or discounts of staying loyal to their favorite stores and businesses. These loyalty points are given to the customers through plastic or punch cards.

“According to Jupiter Research, approximately 75 percent of consumers have at least one loyalty card.”

Most of the customers don’t want to fill their wallets with plastic loyalty cards. Hence, Mobile Loyalty Program was developed to help customers easily collect and use their loyalty points and rewards via their mobile phones. This type of program helps customers to receive alerts regarding discounts, offers, and reward points.

Advantages of using this program

The 2013 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census shows that total membership in U.S. loyalty marketing programs across all sectors is 2.647 billion, a 26.7 percent increase over the 2.089 billion memberships in 2011. The number of mobile users rapidly increasing, so this type of loyalty program used in many businesses. It gives more advantages to the users and the merchant such as:

  • No more filling wallets with plastic or paper cards
  • Helps to improve customer service by showing customers that their business is valuable and appreciated
  • Builds a strong relationship between customer loyalty, employee loyalty and profitability
  • Simple way to reach thousands of consumers
  • Quickly track customer behavior and store performance
  • Instantly access the best deals and offers
  • Quickly eliminate the need for paper coupons and paper-based deals
  • Automatically receive bonus cash and rewards points

One of the biggest advantages of using this program is, it helps business owners to easily manage all the customers in an effective manner. Managing customers is quite different from managing inventory and is more difficult. Many loyalty programs are available on the internet to increase the sales and customers in the business. The professional and rich loyalty program provides key functionalities to create, execute and manage end-to-end loyalty programs. It allows customers to view their loyalty account details, points, and groups as well as targeted offers. This flexible process inspires more customers.

Easy way to manage customers

Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is the best mobile app for the merchants to easily manage their customers. It is an application that a merchant can use for the web and reach out to the customer’s smart phone. ELA is designed to create targeted marketing campaigns, including coupons, deals, offers and reward points. It has many rich features that helps to easily achieve good productivity in the business.

ELA provides an executive dashboard with data and information that helps merchant to easily track customer activity and store performance. In ELA dashboard, business owner can view customers’ interest to use the loyalty program, graphical representation of coupons and deals that are a hit, and how many times a client (or a group) have used their coupons & deals.

Using ELA, business owners can create customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, gender, demography and other parameters. It provides excellent Customer Loyalty Management in the business. It allows business owners to track about the customer, deals, and coupons via dashboard. Offer a valuable mobile loyalty program to keep your customers happy.

Over the past few years, mobile application development  has becomean important factor in the business industries. According to many surveys, mobile applications are becoming the most popular and powerful tool for a successful business. Let’s see how a mobile app development helps to grow the business.

According to the most recent annual survey of global enterprises by mobile application platform provider Kony Solutions in conjunction with MGI Research, Mobile applications are increasingly viewed as a business-differentiation tool.  This is because it increases customer engagement, reinforces brand value and provides better customer service. It also delivers a high-quality user experience and improved mobile app performance which are considered the top business priorities.

In day to day life, mobile phones holds the best place. The professional developers developed Smartphone which is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones. Around the world, people using Smartphones are rapidly increasing. Mobile applications are developed on the basis of platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows mobile and Symbian. The Mobile Application Development is used in a wide range of sectors like business, education, news, weather, games, money or the financial sector. It provides many unique applications such as web browsing, email, Internet faxing, games, wireless information services etc.

According to a consumer survey conducted earlier this year by MTV Networks, 91 percent of respondents said apps expose them to new things; 77 percent compared apps to personal assistants; and 83 percent of daily mobile app users reported believing they’re “addicted” to apps.

This proves that by developing a mobile app, you can easily increase the sales of your business. At the same time, developing a mobile app is not an easy task. You may face numerous challenges and obstacles when developing and creating applications. So, to play safe, it is better to hire professional mobile app developers based on your requirements.

There are many companies around the world offering mobile app development services such as planning a mobile app, mobile website designing, mobile advertising, development and enabling, mobile analytics and reporting, mobile messaging, mobile break and restore technology, programming services based on mobile pocket PC and many more.

Benefits of developing mobile app for a business

The business owners can earn numerous benefits through mobile app development. Some of the important benefits are,

Brand Awareness: By developing an excellent app for your business, you can easily publicize your brand in a better way. This app provides better advertisement for your business in the online market.

Increase Loyal Customers: Many mobile loyalty apps are developed to increase the customer retention in the business. By using this type of app, you can offer reward points, discounts and gifts to your loyal customers to increase their loyalty and this will attract a large number of new users.

Building Friendly Relationship: With the help of mobile app, you can easily interact with your customers at anytime and from anywhere in the world. This makes the business communication more pleasant and sets you apart from your competitors. This also builds a friendly relationship between merchants and customers keeping them connected.


The speed and reliability of a mobile app will draw more customers and keep the business popular.  It also allows users to access large amount of information such as videos and catalogues compared to traditional online access. With mobile app development you can enhance the customer experience and improve the business productivity.

In today’s competitive business world, most of the business owners around the globe have come to realize the power of the mobile devices. Mobile marketing is one of the best and simple ways to achieve the business goal easily. Hence, it is used in many business industries. Mobile Loyalty Program is a great program that helps merchant to run a successful business in online business industry. It offers many advantages to the customers in order to retain all existing customers and to grab the attention of many new customers towards the merchant website.

An eCommerce website can be visited by thousands of customers every day. These customers may come from different countries, using different languages. But a common thing among all the customers is that they show more interest in businesses that offers something better than other business. This means customers purchase more products from the store which provide reward points, discounts, offers, and gifts. By using loyalty program, merchants can easily attract many customers. This program helps the merchant to boost all the customers to do repeated business with him and also purchase more products from his store.

Most of the people wish to use Smartphone instead of other phones. Smartphones are mobile phones which have computer ability or near computer ability. These phones are not only used for making calls and sending text messages, but they perform a number of other tasks and also used as an effective marketing tool. 73% of Smartphone users are interested in using loyalty apps and getting benefits from loyalty programs on their mobile devices. Hence, many merchants hire the experienced development team to develop an excellent and suitable mobile app based on their business requirements.

Plenty of loyalty apps are providing services to the customers and the merchants. Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is one of the best mobile loyalty apps which comes with many rich features that helps merchant to easily achieve his business goal. According to many merchants, managing all the customers in their business is a difficult task. But if he uses this mobile app for his business, he can easily manage all his customers.

  • The mobile app helps the merchant to easily track and manage his entire customer’s data using the simple web backend.
  • Allows merchant to import his existing customers to this app backend.
  • To easily manage all the customers, this app helps the merchant to create the customer groups based on their purchase trends, age, gender, demography and other parameters.
  • It will assign the offers like coupons and reward points to the targeted customer group.
  • It also pushes “Deal of the day” or other time sensitive offers to clients directly into their Smartphone thereby increase the chances of business from the customer.

By using this app you can provide the best Customer Management in your business. If a customer nearer to the branch store or within the boundary that the merchant have already specified in backend means, this mobile sends location based notification to the customer Smartphones. It also helps the merchant to push general notifications like greetings and wishes to encourage the customers. ELA is a great mobile loyalty app which helps you to offer reward points for your customers and helps to easily manage all your existing as well as new customers in your business.

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for your company. – Fred Reichheld, author of the Loyalty Effect.

According to many merchants, retaining all customers towards their business is a difficult task. They believe it is not possible to satisfy all customers by using a single method or technique. Mobile Loyalty Program is an excellent program which helps you to satisfy all your customers by offering them reward points, deals, discounts, gifts, and vouchers through their mobile phones. By using this program in your business, you can easily achieve your goal within the short period of time. This is the fast and best way for you to reach all your customers and encourage them to purchase more products from your store.

In general, the loyalty program helps you to treat all your loyal customers in a special manner in order to retain your existing customers and to grasp the attention of many new customers towards your business. With the help of this program, you can provide discounts and offers to your loyal customers. Your customers can receive offers by providing some basic information. Data collected from these programs can help you to build friendly and strong relationships with your customers. This will be useful for you to contact your customers in the future to promote your business. This program offers many benefits to your customers and also increases the sales of your business.

73% of Smartphone users are interested in using loyalty apps and getting benefits from loyalty programs on their mobile devices!

With the help of this Loyalty program you can give rewards to your loyal customers for their loyalty, trust, and regular buying behavior. Nowadays, most of the customers wish to receive loyalty points and discounts through their mobile phones. Day by day, the rate of people using loyalty programs through their mobile is rapidly increasing. Offering reward points and deals via mobile phones will help you to increase the spending of existing customers and acquire new customers. Without investing more time and money you can easily promote your business.

It is estimated by Colloquy (2013) that there are 2.647 billion loyalty program memberships in the US (a 26.7% increase from their 2010 census) – with the average US household participating in 21.9 programs. Most of the customers wish to do business with the company which is offering reward points through mobile loyalty app. Hence, many merchants started to offer rewards through this app. But, some of the merchants think that offering loyalty points through mobile is a not an easy task. They believe that it is very difficult to manage all their customers using a mobile loyalty app.

Elite Loyalty App (ELA) is a great app which helps you to easily manage all your customers. It offers an excellent Customer Loyalty Management in your business. It helps you to assign reward points and provide offers based on your customer loyalty. So that you can show to all your customers that you are offering reward points depending on their loyalty. This will build a strong relationship with your customers. By using the mobile loyalty program, you can easily increase your business sales. So a mobile loyalty program is the best mode to manage all your customers and loyalty programs.

Customers are one of the most important aspects that help you to increase your business sales. There are many ways used by business owners to attract customers. They are spending more money to make their business more attractive and rich. But customers show more interest to do business with the business owners who treat customers in a special way.

Boost your customers by offering them an excellent reason to visit your store repeatedly. Customer Loyalty App is an excellent way for you to retain existing customers and attract new customers. Loyalty apps developed as electronic versions of loyalty cards and loyalty schemes. With mobile app, you can give your existing customers a reason to increase the amount of business they do with you, as well as you can build a friendly relationship with them. Through this app, you can offer prizes, reward points, future discounts, gifts, vouchers, and other incentives.

Day by day Smartphones are gaining more popularity. The usage of Smartphone is rapidly increasing around the world. Hence, offering loyalty program through phone is more popular in this competitive business world. As a business owner, you should use latest technical business marketing method in your business in order to attract many customers and to increase your business sales. A Mobile app for businesses provide a faster, better, easier and more secure alternative to searching for products and taking advantage of its benefits.

According to the Yankee Group – 60% of consumers now own a Smartphone, and 64% of those consumers want a 24-7 connection. In addition, 40% use some form of retail or coupon app on their device.

How loyalty program can be used through the phone

Through loyalty app you can offer reward points, discounts, deals, gifts to your customers in order to encourage them to buy more products from your store. Let see, how loyalty program can be used through Smartphone

  • Your customers have to download your mobile loyalty app in their Smartphones.
  • To use this app, it asks some personal information about your customers such as name, address, etc.
  • After downloading this app, this loyalty program sends SMS or push notification messages to customers about offerings that you are going to provide your customers.

For example: Imagine that you are an eCommerce store owner and you are going to offer some deals for your customers. Let’s see how a mobile loyalty app is used in this type of business.

By providing deals, offers, and discount means, then you can send alert SMS like,

Hurry! Buy one and Get one FREE!

Purchase above 1500 and get 10% OFF

These are the simple and effective notifications that grab attention of all customers towards your business. This quick advertisement will help you to save and make a lot of money by reducing promotional and advertisement cost. Loyalty Program is a great and easy program that provides large benefits to you and your customers. Through this program, you can reach your customers at anytime and anywhere in the world. By using this program in your business, you can enhance the growth of your business.