The payment gateways are almost a necessity for the online stores to accept the credit card payments from the customers. It is an essential component of any online business. There are plenty of payment gateways are available on the Internet to provide the payment services to the merchants and the users. EWay is an international payment gateway which processing the payment transaction for each and every second of a day. It is used by more than 13,000 businesses to process the credit card payments and it is supported by more than 200 shopping cart platforms and 23 banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The eWay is easily integrated with many eCommerce software to make your business a success. The eWay Payment Integration comes with powerful features to meet all the requirements of the merchants and the customers. It is a global leader in eCommerce with 14 years of experience. Most of the merchants prefer this payment gateway for their eCommerce sites because it comes with the highest level of Internet security available anywhere, as confirmed by the PCI Security Standards Council, an umbrella group of all the major credit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard who ensure that online shopping remains safe for consumers surfing the Net. This integration helps you to offer the secure payment process to your customers when they are buying any products from your store.

Why eWay Payment Gateway?

  • It is very easy to use this payment gateway.
  • More than 180 carts can be integrated.
  • Direct bank connections
  • Offers 24/7 payment services support
  • Processing the payment transactions in a fast and smart way.
  • Simple to create the merchant account in the eWay payment gateway.
  • Provides intuitive online tools.
  • Comes with PCI DSS compliance.
  • Able to protect the credit card details by avoiding the fraud activities using popular SSL certificates.

In today’s fast world, most of the online customers use their credit cards to buy any products from the store. As an online store owner, it is very important to offer the hassle free payment solution to your customers. You can increase the growth of your business, when you provide the secure payment process to your customers. The eWay offers the safe payment transactions on your website during the checkout process. It has the ability to provide the perfect solution for the merchants all over in the world. Depends on the country, it converts the currencies automatically, which means for Australia it convert all currencies to AUD (Australian Dollar). It is the best feature for the merchants who wants to extend their services to the international level.

The eWay Payment Gateway has loads of powerful eCommerce tools to increase the sales of the business. If you want to take payment manually over the phone, by fax or in-store, you can use the Manual Payment option. It also provides the mobile payment option. With this eWay mobile app, you can process the payments in seconds at anywhere by entering the customer’s card details in your phone. The eWay is a flexible, reliable, and secure payment solution which offers the successful and profitable eCommerce website to you. It offers different payment options to make the payment process very simple and quick.

Online shopping is the latest trend of popular shopping method, it allows anyone to do shopping at anytime and anywhere in the globe. It has the customers from all the countries who love to shop in an easy and fast way. More than 200,000 online store merchants prefer the Magento open source eCommerce platform for their shopping website. Magento is developed with more than 25,000+ extensions, which are exclusively designed and used for the Magento Development. Many companies offer the development services at an affordable cost to the Magento website in order to achieve a very good place in the online shopping industry.

  • Magento offers flexible, scalable eCommerce solutions designed to help the merchant grow and succeed online.
  • This cost-effective technology platform makes it possible for the merchant to control the content, functionality, look and feel of the online store.
  • Magento Enterprise Edition, Magento Community Edition, and Magento Go are the three editions of Magento which are used to make the website very rich.
  • More than thousand themes of Magento affords the professional and elegant look to the website.
  • The merchant can build a standard eCommerce website with the help of the excellent features of Magento.
  • Supports multiple languages, multiple currencies, and PCI compliance.

Magento supports multi store functionality that means if a merchant have more than one shop then he can control all the shop by using the single admin panel. It also offers many extensions which are used for the multiple store owners. The IP Address Detection is one of the best extensions which is more beneficial for the merchants who have one or more Magento shops. This extension is specially designed to provide the services to the customers by their native languages. It detects the IP address of the customer and redirects him to the respective URLs or store.

If a merchant have 5 online shop websites which is in English, French, Hindi, Spanish, and Chinese languages and he installed this IP detection extension on his website. When a customer from China visit the merchant website means, then this extension detects the IP address of the customer and redirects him to the other website of the same merchant which has all the product details and the store details in Chinese language. So it will be easy for the customer to know more about the products of his native language. This will make feel very comfortable when they are using the particular merchant website.

The online store can easily get more profits, when the merchant satisfies his customer. This Magento Extension helps the merchant to satisfy the customers in an easy way without wasting his time and money. To achieve this result the merchant has to do is, just install this extension on his Magento eCommerce store and set the URLs for redirection in the admin panel. Then this extension will take care of everything. The currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic. The currency updator is handled by using custom GEOIP import services. This is a friendly interface extension, which gives more productivity to the Magento store by identifying the customers based on the Geo location and redirects them to the respective URL or store with their native language.

Download: Magento GeoIP extension

PrestaShop is a popular open source shopping cart platform which has more than 20,000 of extensions, 310 features, and thousands of attractive themes. Most of the merchants using different techniques by spending more money to reach and attract more number of customers. But the PrestaShop developers find an easy way for you to reach all the online customers in the globe without spending your time and money. The PrestaShop Social Media Integration is a simple and fast way, you can easily reach all the social account users. They developed many social integration modules to increase the visibility of the website.

Social media is a good marketing tool plays an important role in the eCommerce business world. It is essentially a channel, service or network used for intelligence, communication and visibility. Every day more than millions of people visit the social networking sites for different purposes. It is used in many businesses and it offers many ways to enhance the sales of the business. There are more than 1000 social media sites are present in the globe, such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Bing, Blogmarks, Hi5, Tumblr, Sharethis, Digg, Friendster, Bebo, Tagged, Reddit, Newsvine, Flickr, Classmates, etc.


PrestaShop Facebook Connect

Facebook is the 1st and the best social networking site used by more than 900 millions of people in the globe. It has approximately 800,000,000 visitors in one month. According to a survey, the average user on Facebook, spends an average 15 hours and 33 minutes on Facebook per month and visits the site 40 times per month. It allows the users to share photos and videos, chat with others, to advertise the products, etc. It has more than 600 million active members and 250000 new daily registrants.

The developers integrated the PrestaShop with the Facebook and developed a Facebook Sign-in Extension in order to allow the Facebook social account users to sign-in on the merchant (PrestaShop) website by using their Facebook login details. That means, the visitor never has to fill the long registration forms in the website to complete the login process. They can use their Facebook account credentials for registering an account in the PrestaShop based eCommerce website.

Most of the online customers visit the eCommerce websites to know more about the products and the services of the company. But sometimes they move from one website to another website without knowing any details of the company. Do you know why? The reason is, some websites ask to create an account on the website to know the full details of the product or the services. The registration form of the website has more questions and some customers feel that it is a waste of time. So they move to another website. This will affect the productivity of the store.

To avoid this issue, the developers created this module. It offers the instant sign-in option and the best shopping experience to the customers. It is not an easy task to develop these types of modules. So you can hire the experienced and professional developers. They can know the technical architecture of the module and they can offer the best PrestaShop Custom Module Development services. Developing the modules offers the full advantages to the PrestaShop store. So choose the best PrestaShop programmers, for the module development.

Download: PrestaShop Facebook Connect Extension

The online store owners use the different methods to develop their eCommerce store to attract more number of customers and to increase the profit of the store. They spend huge amounts to enrich their website, to sell the products, and also for shipping the products to the customers in a safe and fast way. But sometimes it will not give the proper result to the merchants. To make the shipping process very easy, the developers developed the DropShipper module for PrestaShop. The DropShipper eCommerce is a great choice for the eCommerce store owner to provide the best shipping process in their website without investing more money and time. It helps the store owner to sell the products immediately to the customers, not keeping it as a stock. It saves more time and money of the store owners and increase the growth of the business.

DropShipper is an order fulfilment method which has many rich features to boost the sales of the products in the eCommerce store. With dropshipper, the merchant can easily create their own online store. It offers more advantages to the merchants at an affordable cost. It helps the merchant to improve the sales of the business by generating the sales report. It simply delivers the products, and cut out the unnecessary task of taking a delivery. The biggest benefit of drop shipping is you don’t have to worry about fulfilment or inventory issues. The suppliers will take care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of products, saving you a great deal of money. It is a retail method, so the merchant can ship the products to the customer directly from the warehouse or supplier rather than from the retailer.

When the customer placed an order in the eCommerce store then the PrestaShop DropShipper automatically sends the customer and the purchased order information to the vendor who will then take care of the delivery. So the merchant need not to spend more time in this shipping process. It sends this information to multiple vendors. It has the ability to manage multiple vendors for shipping the products. After receiving the details, the vendor can deliver the product to the customer. It allocates one or more shipping carriers to the vendors. It supports UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx shipping method to deliver the products. It assigns the vendors with their applicable shipping carriers. It helps the merchants to create their own shipping carriers. The shipping rate of the product is calculated based on the buyers purchase quantity, weight, and the location of them.

The PrestaShop Development team developed this module to offer the excellent shipping management in the Prestashop eCommerce store. It provides many options for delivery service, pick up type, and packaging type for each shipping method. It sends the vendor comments to the website owner. This module is compatible with the Prestashop eCommerce version 1.4 and 1.5. It is very easy and quick to install this module. By using this dropshipper module, the merchant can easily manage multiple vendors and the shipping management on the website.

Download: DropShipper for PrestaShop

According to a survey, the social media and the social networking sites turn out to be a major part of everyone’s life. It helps the social sites users to keep in touch with family members, friends and relatives a far. It connects all the people in the world. So through social media sites the merchant can easily reach millions of people. That’s why the developers integrated the social media sites with the PrestaShop eCommerce software. This PrestaShop Social Integration attracts many users towards the merchant site and it gives more productivity to the online store merchants. In this article we are going to see about the single sign-in process with the Yahoo credential in your PrestaShop eCommerce store.

Social media integration provides various advantages to you and your customers. 89% of marketers trust that social networking sites are used to market their products to all the people in the world. It helps you to improve the website performance, by analysing the company goals and generating the reports about the website. It helps you to connect with your customers in real time and get instant feedback on your products and services. It allows you to stay connected with your customers whenever you want. This strong bond with the customers helps you achieve quick brand recognition in the market. The social media icons should seamlessly integrate into your website design to offer more productivity. It also helps you to boost your site ranking through your Social media profiles.

More than 800 social media sites are available on the Internet such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, MySpace, Bebo, Friendster, Hi5, Habbo, Ning, Classmates, etc. PrestaShop is easily integrated with the Yahoo social networking site to attract all the Yahoo site users towards your online store. The Yahoo Sign-in Extension allows the users to use their Yahoo account details for registering into your PrestaShop eCommerce store. Yahoo is the most popular social networking site that is visited by more than 700 million people for per month in the world. It offers the services in different forms such as Yahoo Directory, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Answers, video sharing, online mapping, advertising, Yahoo Groups, Yahoo Search (Search Engine), Yahoo Mail, Yahoo News, Web portals, etc.

When PrestaShop is integrated with the Yahoo, it allows your customers to sign-in on your website by using their Yahoo credentials. Most of the potential customers visit the online store website to buy anything or to know more about your company. Generally, all the websites will give more information when the user created an account on the website. It is a common and very important way to make your visitors, as your website registered users. So you have to provide an easy way for them to create an account on your online store. When you use this extension, your users can easily become your website registered users by using their Yahoo account.

The PrestaShop Development team developed this extension to save your customers valuable time and to attract them. No long registration forms and no site passwords to remember. By providing this single sign-in facility with Yahoo credential on your PrestaShop online store, you can easily grab the attention of the customers towards your website and you can afford the seamless login experience to them.

Download: PrestaShop Yahoo Connect Extension

PrestaShop is a powerful and flexible open source shopping cart software solution which is powering more than 150,000 online stores in the eCommerce business world. It is extremely well architected compare to other eCommerce software’s. It has more than 310 features, 23,000 of extensions, and themes. The merchant can choose the extension, which is best suited for his business needs. It is very easy to install and customize the extensions. Each extension is designed with many benefits and to meet all the requirements of the business. The PrestaShop Slideshow Extension is one of the best extensions which give more facilities to the merchants as well as the customers.

PrestaShop has a powerful growing community with more than thousands of developers, designers, and the eCommerce addicts. These developers developed many extensions by integrating the PrestaShop with the payment gateways, social networking sites, and the shipping carriers. It is translated into more than 50 languages to provide the services to all the people in the world. It present the website look with more professional and rich. It supports multiple currencies, and multiple store functionality. The marketing and promotional tools of PrestaShop helps in different ways to increase the productivity of the store.


PrestaShop Video and Image Slider

PrestaShop offers variety of extensions to attract the customers. Likewise, this extension grabs the attention of all the online customers towards your website by providing the Videos / Images / HTML texts describing the website feature and product features in a single slide show banner. This slide format gives elegant look to the home page of your website. When the visitor enters into your website, this extension shows the product image or video in a slide format. It provides the Start/Stop option and automatic moving slide option below the slides. The user can choose any option to view the slides. It is very simple to set up and customize this extension.

This extension allows you to upload the videos by pasting the ‘Embed Video Code’ like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. The uploading of images and videos where the images/videos can be positioned in any blocks. The images can be uploaded on the users’ interest and images could be chosen from the ‘choose file’ option in the backend. The user can change the display position. The existing image/videos can be replaced using the edit option in the back-office in any blocks. The main advantage of this extension is, it easily manages the translations in different languages. So that you can provide your services to all the online customers.

It allows you to display the Titles with Text links in HTML format. If any customer wants to know more about the particular product, he can click the Title and it redirects him to the particular product detailed page. The procedure texts and graphical images can be managed. It is the best way for you to make up your website as per your customer expectations. You can also use the PrestaShop Development Services for your online store to modify the website and to attract more number of customers towards your PrestaShop store.

Download: PrestaShop Image & Video Slider

Magento is a highly recommendable open source shopping cart platform that is suitable for any online business. It is an open source eCommerce software which is being used by a large number of merchants across the world. It has a strong and a large technical growing community with more than thousands of developers, designers, and the eCommerce addicts. They developed more than 23,000 of extensions to meet all the requirements of the merchants and the customers. Each Magento Extension is designed with rich features, excellent functionality, etc. In this article we are going to see an exclusive extension that can provide flexi discount through Premium Promotions.

The Magento modules and extensions help the online store merchants to extend the functionality and to add new features into their eCommerce shops in less cost and time. It is an inseparable part of the Magento development platform. There are free as well as the premium extensions are available on the web today. Some of the well-known examples of best extensions include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), payment gateway integration, marketing promotions and tools, customer service & accounts, shipping carriers integration, international support, analytics & reporting, social networking site integration, and many more.

The installation and the configuration of the extension is very easy and quick. When the extension is upgraded, the user can refresh the page via the Refresh button. Then check the status of that extension. If the merchant needs a unique functionality, then he can hire the Magento developers for custom the extension development. It is very important to choose the experienced and the professional developers for this service. It offers various advantages to online store owners in terms of managing the front end and back end of their Magento store. It also offers Premium Discount Extension for the customers.

This extension lets the online store customers to shop for an interesting price offers and brings excitement among them. By using this extension on the store, the merchant can provide more benefits to his customers. So that he can easily attracts all the customers towards his website. This extension offers a unique charm to the Magento store through the 13 different price rules. That means,

  1. Buy 2 and get flat rate
  2. Buy 3 and get flat rate
  3. Buy X above V and get Y free
  4. Buy X and get Y free worth V
  5. Buy X and get V percent on Y
  6. Buy 1 and get 1 free
  7. Buy 2 and get 1 free
  8. Buy 3 and get 1 free
  9. Buy X and get any Quantity of Y free
  10. Buy X and get free coupons
  11. Buy X and get enrol in Lucky Prize Draw
  12. Happy hours discount
  13. Get X off on next purchase.

With the help of this extension, the merchant can open the way for his buyers to purchase for different price offers that are affordable to them as well as unique from the other stores. It will grab the attention of all the customers towards the merchant website. The merchant can also use the Magento Development services to Magento customization services, Magento extension integration, etc. It promotes the products easily and retains the customers. It has the ability to set multiple combination of products and mainly helps in customer satisfaction. Through this the merchant can get more profit in his store.

Download: Magento Premium Promotion Extension

Shipping process is an important process in the online shopping. There are plenty of modules, themes, features are available in the eCommerce business world to enrich the website. But it is very difficult to achieve this when the merchant doesn’t use the right shipping method for his website. The major complaint that is received from the online customer is, they have not received their parcel at the correct time or it was sent on the wrong day and sent back to the post office or was really late. It will rapidly reduce the sales of the business. DropShipper is a new shipping method helps to increase the growth of the business by providing the best shipping process on the website. It is a retail method which helps the online retailers to achieve their goal very easily without spending more money and time.

The merchant can deliver the products to the customers at the right time without keeping it as a stock and doing any damage to the products. It is the great solution for the shipping process. It has many rich features to enhance the business. It helps the merchant to create their own eCommerce store by using less amount. It minimizes the risk and providing the services at an affordable cost. It offers more convenience for the merchants, such as there’s nothing to pack, no shipping labels to print, and no waiting in line at the post office. It provides the sales report to the merchants’ in order to improve the business. The main feature of Drop Shipping method is, it automatically captures the order information and transfer the data’s to the vendor, when the customer places an order on the merchant website or the PrestaShop website.

The PrestaShop dropshipping provides the customer details to the vendors who then take care of the shipping process. The merchant need not to spend more time for sending the information to the vendors. It’s shipping the products by allowing the multiple vendors. By using the dropshipping, the merchant should not to worry about the fulfilment or the inventory issues. It assigns the applicable shipping carriers to the vendors. It also allocates one or more shipping carriers to the particular vendor. It calculates the shipping rates genuinely based on the buyers purchase quantity, weight of the products, and their location. It has the ability to send the information to multiple vendors. It supports the UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Services (USPS), and other shipping carriers. With dropshipper, the vendors can update their product inventory levels and order status at the item level.

The supplier takes care of the warehousing, packaging, and shipping of the products. The Dropshipping eCommerce offers delivery service options, pick up type options, and packaging type options for each shipping method. The vendor can directly deliver the products to the customers with the help of the information which are given by the dropshipping method and if he have any doubt, it allows him to communicate with the store administrator. The automatic order notification of dropshipper attracts many merchants to use it. It saves a lot of merchants’ time and makes the shipping process very easy, fast, and secure.

Download: DropShipper Module for PrestaShop

Today everyone loves to shop from the online stores and there are plenty of reasons behind it. The online shopping has many advantages such as greater convenience, better prices, infinite range of products, comparison of prices and products, 24/7 shopping availability, within a few clicks easily grab the favorite item, etc. The best part is that you don’t have to go somewhere else for having the product. Every eCommerce stores need the payment gateway, an important factor to run the online shopping website. Hence the PrestaShop Development team developed many payment modules to provide the best payment services to the merchants and their customers. Each payment module is designed to meet the business requirements or the needs of the merchants. This article contains the information about the

  • PrestaShop
  • PayPal
  • The PayPal features for PrestaShop

PrestaShop – An open source shopping software

In the eCommerce business industry more than 16,000 online stores are built based on the PrestaShop platform. It is very simple to setup and offers a very quick configuration process. It is a worldwide recognized software supports multiple currencies, multiple domains, multiple store management, and multiple languages. It analyses the store performance and generates the report to improve the website. It supports from PCI to SSL compliance to provide the full security to the website. It offers the website services based on the Geo location of the customer. It allows the customers to choose the desired languages when they are visiting the shopping website. The marketing and promotional tools help to increase the growth of the business. It allows flexible shipping modules by integrating with major shipping carriers. The merchant can edit the content and the look, change the languages, and managing the product displays at the back office of the website. To make the PrestaShop Payment very easy and fast, the developers integrated the PrestaShop with the PayPal payment advanced gateway.

PayPal – A global online payment service provider

PayPal is most widely used online payment system which has millions of users in many countries in the world. It is free to open a merchant account on PayPal. It only charges for transactions which are made on the merchant account. It charges $5 per month for the payment transaction services. The payment page of the PayPal is designed to accept the internet based eCommerce transactions in a safe and secure way. It provides the financial reports in different formats for easy understanding.

The PayPal features for PrestaShop

When PayPal payment advanced combined with the PrestaShop eCommerce software, it accepts all major credit card payments from the customers and process it through the PayPal payment gateway. During the checkout process, the customer can stay on the merchant website (PrestaShop website) for the entire payment transactions. This PayPal payment integration support ‘Authorize and Capture’, ‘Authorize only and Capture later’ feature. It provides facilities for cancelling/ voids any unsettled transactions. It also supports the refund amount from the configuration page. The payments can be accepted within the merchant website. So the merchant should buy the SSL certificate.


The PayPal payment advanced features offered the excellent payment services in the PrestaShop online store. By using this payment gateway, the merchant can easily provide the seamless checkout experience to the customers.

Download: PrestaShop PayPal Payment Advanced

The eCommerce is a type of business, where millions of people from the different countries visit the eCommerce stores to buy the products. It consists of the customers from all over the countries in the globe. Hence, most of the merchants started their business in online to extend their business level to the international level. More than 200,000 online store merchants believe that Magento is the best shopping cart platform for their eCommerce stores. Because it supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. The Magento Development team developed many extensions, attractive themes, rich features, excellent functionalities, etc. The main advantage of using Magento is, it supports the multi store functionality. That means the merchant who has more than one or two Magento shops can easily control all the shops by using the single admin panel.

Advantages of using Magento eCommerce

  • Magento is a leader in the eCommerce business world. It is a feature rich, well architect, flexible, adaptable, and reliable open source software.
  • It powers more than millions of websites in the eCommerce industry with more secure and safe. Because it supports the PCI compliance.
  • Magento allows you to develop an eCommerce site quickly without spending more money.
  • Magento is very flexible, it allows you to control the look, content, and functionalities of your own online channel.
  • The marketing and promotional tools of Magento enhance the website and increase the productivity of your business.
  • The admin system of Magento is very easy to use.
  • It supports single page checkout.
  • Ship the products to the multiple addresses.
  • 100% Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Integrated with many payment gateways to provide the best payment services to the customers.
  • It is very simple to install and customize.

The IP Address Detection is an extension offers the best customer services in your Magento eCommerce store. This extension helps you to identify the user location based on the IP address and redirect the user to the respective URL or Magento store with his native language. It is a friendly interface extension that can easily attract more number of customers towards your Magento based eCommerce store. Sometimes most of the customers leave from your website to another website, when they are not able to understand the product details in your website. You can easily provide the services to them in their native language by using this extension. When the visitor enters your website, this extension detects the IP address and redirecting the visitor to the URL or store website which have all the information based on his native language.

This extension is more beneficial for the merchants who have multiple Magento stores. The currency settings can be done by both manual and automatic. The custom GeoIP import services handled the currency update. It is very simple to install and customize this extension. The developers developed more than 25,000 of extensions to meet the requirements of the merchants and their customers. With the help of these Magento Extensions, the merchant can easily boost the sales of his business and the customer services. The IP tracing extension helps you to provide the best service to the customer based on their location.

Download: Magento GeoIP Extension