Electronic Commerce or eCommerce, is a type of business, where one can buy and sell the products and the services through the Internet. It provides the business with more flexibility, hence most of the business owners started their career in online by building their own eCommerce store with excellent products and the services. With the eCommerce Development Services, you can develop your website in order to offer the products and the services directly to the worldwide customers in an easy and secure way. The eCommerce development includes eCommerce website development and eCommerce web design. It can able to offer a creative eCommerce website to increase the productivity of your online business. Hire the experienced service provider for your eCommerce website.

Millions of websites on the Internet are eCommerce websites. Most of the people visit the online for shopping or searching any products from the eCommerce websites. People show more interest on eCommerce websites to buy the desired products without wasting their time and more money. Successful eCommerce websites can able to reach millions of customers around the world. It gives more benefits to all the small, medium, and large size business owners’ requirements. So it meets all the needs of the merchants as well as the customers. By investing a small amount of money, one can create his own eCommerce website. The eCommerce development serves multiple industries including automobiles, banking and insurance, manufacturing and retails and much more. It also offers solutions even for Smartphone and tablet devices such as the iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, etc.

There are plenty of eCommerce platforms are available on the Internet. The merchant can build his eCommerce website based on any platform such as PrestaShop, Magento, OsCommerce, Shopify, OpenCart, ZenCart, BigCommerce, Volusion, and many more.

PrestaShop is one of the popular open source eCommerce platform which is built as a platform for more than 150,000 online stores in the eCommerce business world. Many merchants believe that PrestaShop is the excellent platform for any type of eCommerce business. The Prestashop Development helps the merchant to run a successful eCommerce website on the Internet. Choose the best PrestaShop developers for your website development. Because the experienced and the best developers can easily find out the eCommerce solution for your business improvement. They can provide the excellent development services at the minimum cost to increase your business growth.

Magento is a leader in the eCommerce business world. It is the ideal software for the eCommerce business which is trusted by more than 200,000 online store merchants. Magento provides international support by supporting multiple currencies and multiple languages. Magento Development has become the part of the professional website creation. It is in demand due to its features and services. This development provides the professional and attractive look to the website. With this development, you can make your Magento based eCommerce website based on your business requirements. This development offers plenty of benefits, but you can obtain these benefits only when you choose the reliable developers for your website.

It is quite impossible to imagine the Internet without the eCommerce. The eCommerce plays an important role in the Internet world.

To run a successful eCommerce store and to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, you should choose the right eCommerce platform for your online store. Most of the merchants prefer the PrestaShop open source eCommerce platform for their eCommerce store website. Because it offers unlimited number of advantages to the users. To attain the full benefits, then you should hire the best PrestaShop Web Development service provider for your website. There are plenty of service provider companies are offering the development services at the minimum cost to the merchants. But only the experienced and the professional service provider can able to afford the best eCommerce solution to the PrestaShop based eCommerce website.

The software was developed to fully utilize web 2.0 innovations of dynamic AJX features and the next generation web development tools and technologies. So it is very important to use the web development services for the PrestaShop website. Today, PrestaShop development is being used worldwide for creating outstanding online shopping carts and dynamic eCommerce websites. There are many benefits that PrestaShop development can offer you, such as

  • It helps you to create the powerful website at very low cost.
  • The shopping cart development service helps you to easily manage your store and the products.
  • The PrestaShop development allows you to customize the admin panel for adding or deleting eCommerce store features.
  • More than 680 value added services are available on the official website of PrestaShop.
  • It offers you the cost effective website.
  • Allows to customize the themes and the design of the templates and the functionality.
  • The Prestashop eCommerce website development offers the services for controlling operation and objective based result.
  • With the help of this PrestaShop development service, your website can manage a large database and numerous products without becoming clumsy.
  • It can able to offer the superior shopping experience to the customers.
  • Using this development service you can create an online shopping cart very easily and instantly. Moreover the management and the enhancement of the website can be done easily.

This web development platform supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. So you can extend your services to the international level. It is a lightweight software and very fast to deploy even at slow internet speed. It is very simple to navigate this platform eCommerce store and supports attractive user interface. PrestaShop is a total PHP based web development package and for database management system it uses the MySQL. It offers the number of tools to create and manage the eCommerce stores without the need of paying any registration fees. The advance inventory management tool of PrestaShop allows you to manage your stock more effectively and you can easily manage supplies and new orders, as well.

The web development services offer the best PrestaShop eCommerce Solutions to your store. It is easily integrated with many payment gateways to make the payment services in the eCommerce store more secure and safe. Shipping carriers combined with the Prestashop to offer the fastest and the better shipping process in the store. It offers different modules to increase the visibility in the social networking sites. Finally, we can conclude this article that, you can get the better eCommerce solution with the PrestaShop eCommerce website development.

Python is a powerful programming language which is used in many applications. Python attracts many developers towards it. These developers written most of the applications based on this language. Most of the developers prefer Python for the web development because of its flexibility, simplicity, and reliability. Python is widely used in the web application development. The various types of web frameworks are used for Python Web Development. Web development is the coding or programming that enables the website as per the owner’s requirements. It ranges from creating simple plain text pages to complex web-based internet applications, electronic business applications, social network services, etc.

Website development is a broad term used for building, creating, and developing a website for the Internet (WWW – World Wide Web) or an intranet. It includes web design, web content development, web publishing, web programming, database management, the configuration of the web server, etc. The coding can be split into two approximate types, “server side coding” – concentrates on programming that affects the server, and “client-side coding” – concentrates on code that affects within a visitor’s browser. It is used for simple and highly professional task.

Python can run on all major systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, Amiga, DOS, etc. It is easily interfaced with C, ObjC, Java, and FORTRAN. It comes with rich libraries and tools, which is used for developing the Python language. It is used in many business, government, non-profit organizations, Google search engine, YouTube, NASA, the New York Stock Exchange, etc. Python is also an interpreted language, such as PHP, Ruby, and Perl. The Python developers written many applications in Python such as software development, mobile applications, audio or video applications, office applications, console applications, image applications, games, 3D CAD/CAM, network programming, and many more.

For web development, the developers use web frameworks such as Django, Turbo Gears, Pylons, web.py, web2py, Grok, Zope2, and many more frameworks. But most of the developers love to use the Django Framework for web development. Django is a high-level Python web application framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design on websites. It lets you to build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly. Django has full support for multi-language applications. The powerful, extensible, and designer friendly template language of Django helps to separate the design, content, and Python code.

Python provides interfaces to most databases, powerful text processing and document processing facilities, and plays well with other web technologies. Python’s web development capabilities are provided by add-on modules. Basic CGI capabilities are provided by the ‘cgi‘ module which comes in Python’s standard library. There’s also a wide range of third-party modules available for Python; some are complementary, others compete. As a result, Python provides a more flexible base for web development.

The experienced Web Development Company can offer the Python web application developing services at the minimum cost with more effective manner. This development helps you to build the powerful website and it is used to increase the growth of your business. This gives remarkable effects on your website.

The payment gateways are almost a necessity for the online stores to accept the credit card payments from the customers. It is an essential component of any online business. There are plenty of payment gateways are available on the Internet to provide the payment services to the merchants and the users. EWay is an international payment gateway which processing the payment transaction for each and every second of a day. It is used by more than 13,000 businesses to process the credit card payments and it is supported by more than 200 shopping cart platforms and 23 banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

The eWay is easily integrated with many eCommerce software to make your business a success. The eWay Payment Integration comes with powerful features to meet all the requirements of the merchants and the customers. It is a global leader in eCommerce with 14 years of experience. Most of the merchants prefer this payment gateway for their eCommerce sites because it comes with the highest level of Internet security available anywhere, as confirmed by the PCI Security Standards Council, an umbrella group of all the major credit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard who ensure that online shopping remains safe for consumers surfing the Net. This integration helps you to offer the secure payment process to your customers when they are buying any products from your store.

Why eWay Payment Gateway?

  • It is very easy to use this payment gateway.
  • More than 180 carts can be integrated.
  • Direct bank connections
  • Offers 24/7 payment services support
  • Processing the payment transactions in a fast and smart way.
  • Simple to create the merchant account in the eWay payment gateway.
  • Provides intuitive online tools.
  • Comes with PCI DSS compliance.
  • Able to protect the credit card details by avoiding the fraud activities using popular SSL certificates.

In today’s fast world, most of the online customers use their credit cards to buy any products from the store. As an online store owner, it is very important to offer the hassle free payment solution to your customers. You can increase the growth of your business, when you provide the secure payment process to your customers. The eWay offers the safe payment transactions on your website during the checkout process. It has the ability to provide the perfect solution for the merchants all over in the world. Depends on the country, it converts the currencies automatically, which means for Australia it convert all currencies to AUD (Australian Dollar). It is the best feature for the merchants who wants to extend their services to the international level.

The eWay Payment Gateway has loads of powerful eCommerce tools to increase the sales of the business. If you want to take payment manually over the phone, by fax or in-store, you can use the Manual Payment option. It also provides the mobile payment option. With this eWay mobile app, you can process the payments in seconds at anywhere by entering the customer’s card details in your phone. The eWay is a flexible, reliable, and secure payment solution which offers the successful and profitable eCommerce website to you. It offers different payment options to make the payment process very simple and quick.

To make your online business more successful and to gain a competitive edge over your competitors, then you should choose the best platform for your eCommerce store. PrestaShop is the ideal platform for all eCommerce store websites. It offers the loads of benefits to the store owners in order to make the website more rich and powerful. More than just a good platform, you need to choose the high quality development services to attain all the benefits of the PrestaShop to your website. The PrestaShop Development gives a more professional look to your website and this will attract more number of customers towards your website. Many companies offer the development services at an affordable cost to the PrestaShop website owners.

  • PrestaShop Development
  • PrestaShop Shopping Cart Migration and Integration Services
  • PrestaShop Website Design Customization and other Custom PrestaShop Services
  • Migration to PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop Installation
  • PrestaShop Shipping Module Development
  • PrestaShop Template
  • PrestaShop Store and Theme Design
  • PrestaShop eCommerce software development
  • Payment gateway integration

What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is the popular best open source eCommerce solution for online business merchants as it allows user to take advantage of the important web 2.0 innovations such as dynamic AJAX features and the next-generation design and development facilities. It is based on the MySQL database management system, the PHP programming language and the Smarty template engine. It comes with a wide variety of tools that enable the development and management of a high end eCommerce website with minimal costs. It is powering more than 100,000 online stores in the eCommerce business world. It has a large number of extensions and themes to meet all the requirements of the merchants and the customers.

PrestaShop is better than other web development services, because it offers many advantages to the online store website than any other software.

  • PrestaShop is a very light weight platform approximately 6MB and fast enough to install and update without facing any hindrance in the process. A store owner having slow bandwidth connection can also install PrestaShop easily.
  • Due to access to the admin panel, it is very flexible in customizing the PrestaShop eCommerce platform by adding to functionality or deleting a feature as per the customer requirement.
  • The default PrestaShop installation provides the lot of things needed to maintain a shopping cart website, such as product catalogue, stocks, shipping, orders, customers, newsletters, coupon and codes. Also, there are more free and commercial add-ons available for adding extra features.
  • To grab the attention of the customer towards the store and to boost the customer satisfaction and loyalty, PrestaShop offers a number of features such as gift vouchers, coupons, ability to provide feedback and comments, quantity discounts and much more.
  • Prestashop supports wide range of international languages and currencies, allowing you to extend your services to the international level.
  • PrestaShop has a wide array of attractive themes and the store owner can easily choose the theme for his PrestaShop web store or he can easily modify them as per his business requirements.
  • It supports with the PCI and SSL to provide the full security to the website.

The creative, innovative, highly skilled and experienced web designers can able to offer the best Web Development services to the website owners. The experienced and dedicated web developers can develop the website based on the marketing perspective level. So it is very important to choose the right website development company for your website. When you use the excellent services for your website, then it will increase the sales of your online store.

Online retailers explore new things related to their business and likes to integrate it to webstores. Shopping over the internet is becoming more pretty common among people of all ages and buying products from brick stores is getting reduced gradually. Increase in creating online websites for shopping, is the main cause for a rapid growth in eCommerce Development. For creating millions and millions of shopping carts, you need to choose the best technology, flexible, reliable in delivering the right functionality for your store. Few eCommerce software available in our current business market is Prestashop, Magento, OScommerce, ZenCart etc. Each of them has their own specification in developing innovative shopping carts.

Role of Prestashop in Developing Shopping Carts

Prestashop is an emerging eCommerce software for designing your store as you have dreamed about it already. It has its own brand name, easily recognized by a huge count of store owners. Currently used in 150,000 active shops worldwide. The speciality of implementing this software is, built in with 310 features for promoting your business development. Easy to customize and allows the site owner to add his own set of elements for creating new functionality. The features of Prestashop are discussed below

  1. Developing Prestashop Extensions
  2. Integrates Multiple Payment Methods
  3. Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support
  4. Creates Responsive Themes, Themes and Templates of different styles

Developing Prestashop Extensions

In this modern world, you would have come across a wide list of extensions or modules with different functionality for increasing your store performance. eCommerce store owners can purchase the module based on his requirement. The store owner purchases the extension and installs the new function to his store. The basic modules developed are integrating social media sites for your store, adding advanced filter functions in filtering the products based on the menu selection, adding product review and rating for each product sold in your cart, displaying videos in the form of slider modules etc. Make use of the companies offer the best Prestashop Development Services in integrating such a feature rich and awesome module into your shopping cart efficiently.

Integrates Multiple Payment Methods

Secured payment methods such as First Data, PayPal, PayPal Pro Plus, Authorize.Net, eWay, American Express, etc can be seamlessly integrated into your shopping cart. If your site is safe, you can grab more customers to shop at your store. Easy way in increasing website traffic, all visitors can easily be converted into customers.

Multilingual and Multi-Currency Support

We will definitely love customers from different locations to make a sale on our store. Imagine there are few sets of customers who are well known only with their native languages. Such kind of customers can shop at stores designed with multilingual support. Make your site to be shown in different languages for attracting customers located globally. One more salient feature is multi-currency, processing and accepting currencies of different countries make your store more compatible for customers.

Creates Responsive Themes, Themes and Templates of different styles

Making your store design responsive to different devices viewed by your customer, is one of the modern technique for boosting your sales count. Apart from designing responsive themes, you can design a plenty of themes and templates with different design style as per your own intention.

PrestaShop Extensions | Module Bazaar | eGrove Systems

Payment Gateways acts as a service provider in any eCommerce store for accepting credit and debit payments. Plays a major role in both brick stores and online stores for processing transactions seamlessly. It has been a new fashion for customers willing to make payment electronically rather than accompanying a huge flow of cash in hand for payment. If you own an eCommerce store, try your best in installing the perfect gateway offering secured transactions to occur on your store checkout. The most popular gateways found in eCommerce world are PayPal, PayPal Pro Plus, PayPal Express, Payflow Pro, First Data, eWay Payments, Authorize. Net, GSPay, etc. By the existence of numerous gateways, there has been an outstanding and remarkable growth in eCommerce Development.

PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal is one of the popular international online payment gateways integrated in millions of shopping carts worldwide. Fastest and secured way of submitting the order form placed by customer at the time of checkout. Efficient in managing more than 100 million account users. Currently used by 21 countries. Supports processing of 26 currencies globally. The currencies are the Australian dollar, Brazillian real, Canadian dollar, Chinese renminbi yuan, euro, pound sterling, Japanese yen, Czech koruna, Danish krone, Hong Kong dollar, Hungarian foriant, Israeli new sheqel, Malaysian ringgit, Mexican peso, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Philippine peso, Polish zloty, Singapore dollar, Swedish krona, Swiss franc, New Taiwan dollar, Thai baht, Turkish lira and US dollar.

Requirements for receiving Processed Transactions

Before installing PayPal, the webstore owners should possess the PayPal business account or Merchant Account for receiving the processed transactions from PayPal. Login into manager. PayPal.com to create your account credentials mandatory for configuring your admin panel settings for your store.

Why do you need a PayPal for your eCommerce Store

The moment you started installing right into your store, you would experience bundle of PayPal customers often visiting your shop for purchase. No payment gateway as much as perfect and secure for processing all the customer transactions. Apart from processing PayPal accounts, all credit and debit card holding customer can easily undergo the payment transaction without any turbulence. PayPal Payment Integration affords higher chance of store visibility to customers look forward for secured and seamless transactions. Store owners’ views and verifies the processed transactions received via PayPal by accessing the admin panel . Authority in configuring the processed transactions as “Authorize & Capture”, “Authorize Only & Capture Later”, “Void/Cancel”, “Refund” as per the owner’s intention. Automatically increases number of checkout clicks in your store. Turns your website sales percentage to a level higher than your expected level. In the past few years, quite hard to find any eCommerce store without such feature rich online gateways at the checkout. Benefits the customer as well as the merchants in many ways.

PayPal Gateway Integration | eGrove Systems

Drupal is an open source content management system written using PHP scripts and MYSQL. One of the best platforms to design content in the form of blogs, articles ,video files for your website. In todays competitive world, site owners aim to rank their website as the topmost one among the other websites in the business market. By integrating Drupal CMS on your webstore, you can easily customize your contents by adding new features, or modifying the existing ones as per the own interest of the website owner. One of the excellent CMS for designing eye catching complex web applications. Quite easy to install, configure by adding new advanced functionalities to your shopping site. It has its own uniqueness when compared to other WordPress, Joomla etc. It is really impossible to see a shopping cart without contents. If you choose the right CMS for your store, you can easily grab or pull over more customers to buy a product for your store.

This software is vastly used by millions and millions of shopping carts. One of the extraordinary feature for its wide usage is the excellent and amazing customization features in website development, Themes and template development, Product management etc.

Website Development

You can create and design countless websites as per the own expectation of the site owner. Uses simple PHP language for creating the scripts for developing complex web sites. Quite compatible to be installed on any system like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. Developers allow the store owners to configure the contents by affording an admin panel with their own login credentials. They have an opportunity to login and configure the backend setting of the webpage as per their own expectation.

Theme and Template Design and Development

When creating a new website, developers create theme files with the default design templates for your store. It’s not mandatory for you to use the same default themes for your store, you can create new themes or customize the existing ones as per your desired technical need. Themes bring in a new fresh look to your store by automatically enhancing your store functionality and productivity by increasing your sales percentage.

Well suited for both small scale and medium scale business. Store owners who cannot afford the high cost for implementing the right content software on their website, can make use of the software companies who have dedicated developers in delivering high technology oriented Drupal Development Services in creating and designing attractive design patterns of themes at minimal rates.

Product Management

One of the excellent framework in managing and customizing your products in your eCommerce store. Each store owners wish to have their own liberal in managing the Product catalogue. Webstore selling a huge collection of products, feel more difficult in customizing each product price, uploading a new product image in the store, and adding a new group of products to the shopping cart. This tool offers the best services in configuring your product.

Avail such huge roles and services offered by Drupal for constructing complex web sites.

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Everyday millions of payment transactions are made in the eCommerce business industry. With the help of the payment gateways the eCommerce store merchants process the payment transaction in a safe and secure manner. There are more than one thousand payment gateways are used for this service. The First Data Payment Gateway is one of the important payment gateway accepts all the major credit and debit card payments and process it in a secure way. First Data Corporation is a global leader in electronic commerce and payment processing. Around the world, it processes the payment transaction for each and every second of a day. It acts as a link between the merchants and the customers. The 30 years of experience in the payments industry make the first data payment gateway very popular than the other payment gateway in the globe.

First Data payment gateway plays a vital role in the eCommerce field. It is designed with the latest technology in order to meet the requirements of all the merchants and the customers. It provides the simplest and fastest payment transactions to the merchants. This will help to show you about your company’s technical connections work well and are managed effectively to your customers. First data is integrated with many software such as PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCart, WooCommerce, 3dcart, Shopify, Shopping Cart, Web.com, VirtueMart, Ubercart, UltraCart, ZenCart, etc. It supports multi currencies. First Data extended its services to all the countries in the world. It helps to reduce the security risk and prevents the fraud activities. The other choice of payments is the gift card, check or mobile phone, online or at the checkout counter, etc.

First Data payment gateway integrates with the eCommerce store software to make the payment process very easy and quick. The three different types of payment gateway services are:

First Data Payment Gateway: This type of payment gateway accepts all the major credit card payments and process it through the First data payment gateway. It supports the multi-languages, so that you can provide your services to all the customers in the world. It encourages the customer to purchase the product from your site. The main advantage of this payment gateway is, it allows the customer to stay on the merchant site for the entire payment transaction.

First Data GGe4 Payment Gateway: It accepts all the major credit card payments and process it through the First data payment gateway. It does not store the card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues. First data global gateway e4 supports the refund option, if you want you can modify this option through First data backend.

First Data Global Gateway e4 Hosted Solution: It accepts the credit card payments and process through First data gateway. And it does not store the credit card information anywhere to pass PCI Compliance issues. It also supports the refund option.

The customers can feel the seamless checkout experience when First data payment gateway integrates with the eCommerce store. The eCommerce Development team developed many payment modules to fulfill the customer satisfaction and to increase the product sales of the company.

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eCommerce Web Applications can be developed using programming languages developed by smart developers. Each language has its own remarkable feature and functionalities. Based on the site owner requirement, developers can choose the right language for creating and designing an online store. In this fast growing technical world, you would have come across new technologies for creating web applications for multipurpose.

Python is one of the high level, object-oriented programming language used by developer to create attractive eCommerce shopping carts. It is an open source structured language which enables the developer to convert all complicated tasks into simpler ones. Supported with a wide array of frameworks which provides the best solutions in designing eCommerce websites. eCommerce developers have developed numerous eCommerce Applications with the help of the simple codes in Python. The list of frameworks supported by this software is Django, Plone, Zope, Miro Community, Scrapy CubisWeb, Pyramid, Web. Pay and Web2py. If any software developer is at the beginner stage of learning any program,then this language will be the right choice to start up with an easy syntax to perform a task or an action. Supports multiple programming paradigms, including imperative and functional programming or procedural styles.

Features of Python

  1. A simple programming language with easy code to read and learn, easy to install and configure.
  2. Low level network programming can be easily handled by Python.
  3. Can create incredible web applications with advanced functionalities.
  4. Excellent software in developing web based 3D games. Gaming frameworks available in Python are PyGame and PyKya. PyGame is used to create amazing video games. The libraries and the graphics are efficient to develop gaming application using Python.  It is developed to replace pySDL. PyKyra is one of the fastest gaming development frameworks. Its functionality is based in SDL and Kyra engine. Supports MPEG Video, sound (MP3, Wav, Multichannel Module files) direct images reading etc.
  5. Unlike other programming languages, the variable declaration in Python is static, which allows the user to change the defined variable. Because of this feature, this programming language is quite flexible and mostly used by developers.
  6. Interoperability is another feature, works well and quickly gets adapted to new programming language environment.

A wide range of Python Development tools like Python Editors, PythonShells, PythonDebuggers, Integrated Development Environments, Documentation Tools, Distribution Utilities, ConfigurationAndBuildTools, Bug Tracking, UsefulModules, Version Control, SkeletonBuilderTools, etc are currently available in our business market to develop and design websites of the own taste of an individual.

To make your site remain the best among other competitors, install this high technology oriented programming language on your website. Hire dedicated developer who is well talented, trained, experienced and professional in providing new ideas in adding new features your shopping cart. Companies afford developers at minimal rates to meet your requirements.

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