In this competitive business world, simply having an online store is not enough to beat your business competitors. By 2017, online and mobile sales are expected to reach a staggering 320 billion dollars. Upgrading your online store with an eCommerce extensions and eCommerce mobile app can drive more sales and increase profitability.

More than thousands of eCommerce websites are available on the Internet to meet the requirements of the customers. So you have to provide a valid reason for online visitors to visit your site repeatedly and to purchase products on your website.

Day by day the number of people who shop online is rapidly increasing and also there are plenty of eCommerce websites currently providing the services to online customers. Most of the business owners build their own eCommerce websites based on the business perspective. Hence, many websites are similar in the eCommerce business world. So as an eCommerce website owner, you should present your website in a more unique and professional way to stay ahead of competitors.

How to make your site unique and professional?

With the help of eCommerce development company, you can make your website more professional and exclusive. But it is not an easy task to attain the full benefits of the eCommerce development until you use the best service provider for your eCommerce website. There are numerous companies providing the services to the eCommerce websites. So choose the perfect service provider for building your online store. Some of the common services that the professional service provider can offer are,

  • eCommerce website designing
  • eCommerce application development
  • Multiple eCommerce store development
  • eCommerce website development
  • Custom eCommerce shopping cart development
  • Testing, support & maintenance service
  • SEO services
  • Content Management System solutions

Essential things to consider when you build online store

Design: It is very important to design the website with attractive themes. It plays an important role in attracting many customers towards your online store. In today’s fast growing business world, most of the people accessing the eCommerce site through their mobile devices. In fact, statistics show that by 2017, over one-fourth of eCommerce sales will be made via mobile. This means that it is incredibly important to make sure your eCommerce website is optimized for mobile, providing the best experience for users no matter what device they are using to access your site.

Navigation: Most of the online users wish to visit an eCommerce website which is very easy to use. The simplicity and flexibility help your visitors to easily browse your site. By making your customers feel comfortable you can increase the traffic of your site.

Credibility: The best eCommerce website development services help you to make your site look very professional which able to tell the users that why he or she should buy your product or your service. This increases the confidence of the potential customers about your products and increases the sales of your business.

A professional eCommerce development company can develop an excellent user interface with simple and easy to navigate solution in order to help the users to easily reach their desired products from your online store. This provides the delightful shopping experience to your customers.

The experienced development team will help you at any time when you are facing any technical issues in the admin panel of your eCommerce website. So that you can easily manage the front end of your store, such as adding or editing or deleting the products, managing prices, product listings, etc. Enhance the performance of your eComerce website by using the best development services.

Imagine that you are going to an apparel store. In one section of the store you see clothes with good quality and unique designs, but are very expensive. On the other side, you find plain designed outfits with quality that is not up to the expectation, but has considerably low prices. Which type of outfit would you choose?

Instead of having to make a choice would it not be extraordinary to get the best designed clothes at your desired price? In this way you need not have to compromise on the quality as well as the price. This is exactly the format followed in the Joomla Virtuemart eCommerce Development.

About Joomla

Joomla is one of the most popular and responsive open source content management system used for over millions of websites. It consists of thousands of extensions and designs that are user-friendly and comes with absolutely nil investments. Joomla is capable of managing online stores, as it contains many features and functionality that helps build an excellent eCommerce store.

About VirtueMart

VirtueMart is a popular full-featured shopping cart component in Joomla. It is compatible with any type of business, whether small, medium or large. VirtueMart is written in PHP and requires the MySQL database environment and is best suited for low to medium level traffic websites. It serves as a great tool to sell your products online and take your business to new heights.

Joomla VirtueMart eCommerce Development

When two good things are combined, the output will definitely be of optimal benefit. This is the case of integrating Joomla and VirtueMart. The following are the benefits gained by Joomla VirtueMart.

  • Optimum functionality
  • Advanced features
  • Improvised web sites

Also, you can integrate good payment gateway services, create forms, capture visitors’ attention by using the e-mail marketing strategy. There is extension for shipping that helps merchants to deliver the goods on time. With this amazing combination the user can design a great web site as per his / her desire and can customize everything on the site, such as the name, the currency, payments, delivery mode, display format.

There are many sites that provide various extensions based on different business requirements. Using these modules you can acquire many benefits. If you are a merchant who wants to take your online store to a different level then you should go for the Joomla VirtueMart extensions and themes.


The VirtueMart themes and extensions offer a variety of options for those looking to create a professional and captivating e-commerce website. With the ability to attract customers with products and organized categories, the user is bound to increase the profit and overall sales.

Every business large or small definitely needs to develop a good website to win the competition. Many business owners build their own websites to get in touch with the global client base. Attractive and easy to use website will bring more customers to the website. But, developing websites in an effective way is not an easy task. Hence, plenty of web development companies offer Magento web development at reasonable prices.

Why Magento?

Many online store business owners feel that Magento is a leader in the eCommerce business industry. They trust Magento can offer perfect eCommerce solutions for the online business. More than thousands of eCommerce websites are built based on Magento eCommerce software platform.  It allows business owners to manage and control his own online website look, content and functionality. With Magento the merchant can build and run a successful online store.

The professional and experienced service providers can offer particular and perfect services depending on your business needs. So always hire experienced service provider to attain full benefits of Magento development. The highly skilled and expert Magento developers can offer services such as:

Professional Website: Many attractive themes are available in Magento that enable developers to make more professional and rich websites. This helps to easily attract customers.

Multi-store Development: Magento has many rich features. One of the best features of Magento is, it supports multi-store functionality. That means, it allows the website owner to easily manage all the multiple Magento websites by using the single admin panel.

Payment Gateway: Magento is easily integrated with many payment gateways. The developers can integrate your Magento website with suitable payment gateways based on your business needs and provide secure payment transaction experience to your customers.

Website Visibility: Combine with many social media sites to increase the visibility of your website among millions of social users around the world.

Search Engine Optimization: Magento supports 100% SEO. That means, it helps you to achieve the best rank in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Business Promotion: Magento has many marketings and promotional tools to promote business in an effective way.

Shipping Method: Supports many shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, and many more to offer simple and safe shipping process in the eCommerce store.

How Magento development is used to improve online business

  • Multiple website and store promote your inventory across different domains
  • Develop the website with powerful technical tools where the people from all over the world can easily access and get information about your products and services
  • Provides robust search options for your customers to easily find their desired products from the eCommerce store
  • These services are really flexible and more efficient structure that can provide several customer services to satisfy all your customers

The Magento development services help you to run a successful website without worrying about payment services, shipping process and search engine visibility. The experienced and professional developers provide impressive and elegant websites making for easy customer attraction.

When retailers initially began to shift to e-commerce and developed an online store for their customers, the majority of people who visited their sites knew exactly what they want. They decided much quicker whether or not they want to buy a product or not. And that’s about it. As time passed, however, online retailing and shopping experienced an exponential growth, both technologically and in demand. Now, web shoppers flip through online retail pages, like they would in a magazine.

Online shopping has matured over time. It offers a robust platform for many retailers to design and develop more optimized mobile sites which allows users to choose from a multitude of products and services. Then along came something known as ‘Window Shopping’. Window shopping allows online consumers shop using a cart selecting the products and putting them in the cart and paying for them at the same time.

So, what can you do make sure that customers keep coming back to you? Here are some examples to help you understand:

Reviews and Recommendations

It is imperative that online shopping websites have product review pages. Reviews are important to customers. As a matter of fact, customers first read about specific products before they decide to buy them. Seeing what other customers have written about your products helps new customers to decide quickly and without any hesitation. Using social media to enhance brand image and attract targeted audiences is another way you can ensure repeat clientele. Social media has had a major impact on the way businesses operate and market themselves to the general public. You are no different.

A Good Product Description

Another important thing is to give your customers a clear product description. It should be clear, to the point and honest. If the product has flaws, write about them and suggest other products in its stead. It is important that you never let any customers feel as if they don’t know anything about your product. It is understandable that people only want to buy things which are right for them. A description makes everything much more transparent.

Are the Products In-Stock?

Look, one way of annoying your customers is to let them search for an item which you don’t have in stock. It’s frustrating and demeaning. There are many customers who often never return to an online store where they have been led on a wild goose chase on different products, which aren’t available. So, always provide information about which products you have available and which you are not in stock. Give the date and the time of when you expect the product to arrive in stock.

Reliable Delivery Supplier

Remember that after a customer buys a product online, they want it delivered quickly and on time. This means that if you do not deliver the product to them on the time you mentioned on the website, they might never shop from you again. But, how can you ensure prompt delivery of products? That’s easy: keep a good and efficient delivery supplier.

If you want customers to keep coming back to your website, you have to focus your efforts on the abovementioned tips and pointers. You have to build trust in the minds of your customers, so be honest and transparent and help them believe that the money they are spending is indeed worth it.

There are plenty of payment gateways available on the Internet to provide the best payment services to both merchants and users. eWay is an international payment gateway which processes   a large number of payment transactions every day. Over thousands of business owners use this payment gateway to process credit card payments in their business. They trust that eWay Payment Gateway is capable of processing payment transactions in a secure and fast manner. Hence, more than 200 shopping cart platforms and 23 banks in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand support this payment gateway.

Why eWay?

  • Easy to use
  • More than 180 carts can be integrated
  • Direct bank connections
  • Offers 24/7 payment service support
  • Processes the payment transactions in a fast and smart way
  • Simple to create the merchant account in the eWay payment gateway
  • Provides intuitive online tools
  • Comes with PCI DSS compliance
  • Ability to protect the credit card details from fraud activities by using popular SSL certificates

The eWay is a global leader in eCommerce and  has 14 years of experience in this industry. It is easily integrated with many eCommerce software to run a successful online business in the eCommerce world. Most of the merchants prefer this payment gateway for their eCommerce sites because it comes with the highest level of Internet security. as confirmed by the PCI Security Standards Council, an umbrella group of all the major credit card providers such as Visa and MasterCard who ensure that online shopping remains safe for consumers surfing the Net.

According to many surveys, millions of people wish to use an online shopping method instead of conventional shopping method. Most of the online customers use their credit cards to purchase products from the store. If you want to increase your product sales, then you have to offer a hassle free payment solution to your customers. Payment processing in a store plays an important role for a successful online business. By offering secure and fast payment transaction experience, you can satisfy all your customers. This boosts customers to buy more products which results in the  increase of sales.

Depending on the country, eWay converts the currencies automatically. For example, eWay converts all currencies to AUD (Australian Dollar) when it’s processing the payments for Australian clients. It is the best feature for the merchants who want to extend their services to the international level. It comes with many powerful eCommerce tools to increase the sales of the business. You can use “Manual Payment Option” if you want to make payments manually over the phone, by fax or in-store.

eWay also provides the mobile payment option. With this eWay mobile app, you can process the payments in seconds at anywhere by entering the customer’s card details in your phone. The eWay Payment Integration offers flexible, reliable, and secure payment solutions in the business. It provides different payment methods to meet all the business needs of merchants. Depending on the business requirement, merchants can choose the payment method. With eWay, merchants can offer safe and hassle free payment services to the customers.

Most of the online store owners wish to use a payment system which is secure, reliable, and convenient. For a successful online business, merchants should offer secure payment transaction to the customers. According to many merchants, payment transaction is a difficult process in the eCommerce store business. But it is not exactly right as they are thinking. Merchants can make the payment process more secure and easy by using the best payment gateway for their online business.

In this article, we are going to see about the process of the Magento PayPal Payment module in an eCommerce store business.

The simplicity, flexibility, reliability, and adaptability of Magento makes it the most popular open source eCommerce software all around the world. It attracts many developers and designers. Over 200,000 online store merchants trust that Magento is a great software for all eCommerce business. Magento has many attractive themes to make the website more professional and rich; supports multiple currencies and multiple languages to extend store services; combined with many shipping carriers to make the shipping process fast and safe, and provides 100% search engine optimization benefits.

One of the biggest features of Magento is, it supports many payment gateways such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data, eWay, ChronoPay, IcePay, website payments pro hosted, PayPal Pro, etc. PayPal is an excellent payment gateway which has the ability to process millions of payment transaction in an effective manner. PayPal hosted the PayPal Pro payment solution. This PayPal Pro accepts all the payments through credit cards from the customers. It also allows users to pay by using either their credit card or their PayPal account.

Magento integrates with PayPal Pro to offer a seamless checkout experience to the customers in the Magento eCommerce store. The Magento PayPal Pro module for Italy is an easy and secure way of accepting online credit card and PayPal payments without going through a gateway or setting up a merchant account. This module allows the merchant to connect easily to the PayPal Pro servers and process credit cards.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick to install and simple to use
  • The module is compatible with Magento Community 1.4.x
  • Supports multi-currency
  • Accepts major credit card payments directly in the website
  • Process the payment transaction through PayPal payment gateway
  • Supports PayPal Express Checkout for PayPal Account holders from the website
  • Ability to send shipping and tax information to PayPal
  • The module supports ‘Authorization & Capture’ or ‘Authorize Only’
  • For successful payments, it displays the PayPal Transaction ID on purchase log
  • The merchant can customize the payment form, pay now button and style, and template from the merchant account
  • Protects customers’ financial details to prevent fraud

Most of the people don’t want to redirect to another site during the payment process, because they feel that it is not safe. PayPal Pro processes the payments within the site. By using this module, the merchants can allow his customer to stay on the site for the entire checkout process. The merchant need not buy an SSL certificate as PayPal takes care of the full payment process.

There are thousands of Magento Modules developed with rich features to meet all the business needs of online store owners. By implementing these modules, the merchant can run a successful online business without worrying about the payment transaction, shipping process, etc. Enhance the performance of the store with the help of the module’s features and functionalities.

The majority of customers today use credit or debit cards to make purchases, therefore, the merchant should offer a secure payment service for the customers to process the payment transaction using their cards. A payment gateway is an eCommerce application service provider service that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses. The payment gateway acts as a link between the customer and the merchant during the checkout process to make the payment transactions more secure. This payment system provides fast, protected, and efficient payment processing for merchants as well as customers.

PrestaShop PayPal Advanced Module

Plenty of payment gateways are ready to provide payment services. Some of the most popular payment gateways are PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet, WorldPay, GSPay, First Data, 2CheckOut, Dwolla, ACH Payments, WePay, Stripe, Realex, eWay, IcePay, and many more.

According to foreign media reports, eBay’s online payment service “PayPal” announced to open a platform for third-party developers, which could help it become eBay’s largest business.

PayPal is one of the most popular payment company, with over 50 million account holders worldwide. PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money through internet. It offers a fast, easy and safe way to both receive and send money online. To use the PayPal payment service, the merchant should create an account with PayPal. It offers three types of merchant accounts such as Personal Merchant Account, Premier Merchant Account, and Business Merchant Account. PayPal offers different types of products to make payments and to get paid.

PayPal Payments Advanced is a payment product from PayPal that accepts all major credit or debit card payments from the customers within the merchant website itself. It provides a secure checkout template to integrate within the website. It is a simple way to accept credit cards and debit cards. It emails all invoices for faster payment.

Process and features of the module

PrestaShop supports more than 50 payment gateways. The module integrates PrestaShop with PayPal Payments Advanced to receive payments from customers through their credit cards. During the payment process, the module collects all the credit card details from the customers on the merchant website itself and process the payment through PayPal Advanced payment gateway integration. That means, it is not redirecting the customers to the payment gateway page for processing payment transactions.

The module is compatible with Prestashop eCommerce Version 1.5.X and 1.6.X. It supports, Authorize & Capture, Authorize only and Capture later feature. The merchant can configure the module between these two features when the products are ready for shipment. It also provides facilities for cancelling any  unsettled transactions.  The refund option is also supported  and is accessible from the configuration page. This module works with PayPal Payment Advanced Account / Payflow link Account.


  • Accepts all major credit card payments from the customers and makes the payment process easy
  • Collects the credit card details from the customers on the (PrestaShop) website itself and processes the payment transaction through PayPal payment advanced in a secure manner
  • The module allows customers to stay on website during the entire payment transaction
  • PayPal offers fast and safe payment services at an affordable cost, benefitting merchants as well as customers


By implementing this PrestaShop PayPal Payment module in the eCommerce store, the website owner can offer the best payment services to his customers. It is easy to install and use this module. The module provides seamless checkout experience to the customers and also increase the product sales.

Today, most of the people wish to buy products via online shopping method instead of conventional shopping. There are many reasons why people prefer online shopping; some of which are more convenience, better prices, comparison option, saves time, infinite choice, ratings and reviews, and many more. Among all these, convenience is the key factor. The PrestaShop Order Management module provides greater flexibility and convenient shopping experience to the customers in order to increase the sales of the business. Let see, how this module helps in the growth of the online business.

PrestaShop is one of the most popular and flexible open source eCommerce software which has many rich features, attractive themes, and functionalities. Over 165,000 online stores are built based on PrestaShop platform. This proves that most of the website owners prefer PrestaShop to other eCommerce softwares. With PrestaShop, merchants can run an online store without worrying about payment transactions, shipping process, website visibility, etc.

Thousands of marketing techniques are available in the online business world to attract the customers, because, “attracting customer” is an important aspect to create a successful online business in this competitive business industry. Hence, merchants spend more money and follow many ways to attract customers. But it is not easy to achieve that.

Millions of people use online shopping and so website owners are doing their best to make the shopping experience more fast and simple. So, if you offer an easy way to complete the customers’ shopping process, then many customers will visit your web store and also the sales of your business will increase.

How this module makes online shopping more convenient

The module provides facilities for you to create orders on behalf of customers while taking orders over the phone. That means, it allows you to take orders over the phone and process the orders after realizing the payments. You can allow your customers to place their orders in your eCommerce store through their phone. This module also facilitates you to log-in as a customer in the front end on behalf of the customer and create orders on the website. You can then make orders using any offline payments or payment information over the phone. Once the payments are realized the orders can be processed.

With this module, you can update orders that are already made to give discounts to customers. This will create a discount voucher and update the order and send new invoice and email notifications to the customers. You can also edit the order products using the order edit feature in back-end.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple to install and configure.
  • Create new orders on behalf of customers.
  • Admin can login and complete order without knowing customer login credentials.
  • Admin can able to take orders over the phone and process orders after realizing payments.
  • Admin can give discounts for orders already made.
  • New Email notification sent to customers for edited orders.
  • Generates new Invoice and sent to the customer for edited orders.
  • Easy administrative management features.

By using this module, you can easily attract customers their need for simple and smooth shopping experience will be fulfilled. Your website will the center of attraction and urge customers to purchase more products from your store. Over 20,000 PrestaShop Modules are developed with great features in order to meet all the business needs of online store owners. These modules help the merchant to run a successful online business without investing much money and time.

According to many surveys, most of the people show more interest to purchase brand name products instead of non-branded products. Do you know why? They believe the brands will contribute to greater social acceptance, it provides a consistent and high-quality experience, to support their personal or professional image, and many more reasons. Day by day the people using branded products is rapidly increasing. It is a perfect time to attract these customers by displaying the branded products in the eCommerce website. The Prestashop Brand Display module is a great module which helps the site owner to display the brands on his website.

Why PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is an open source eCommerce solution that helps merchants to create their own online store easily. It is a great boon for the eCommerce business industry. The simplicity and reliability attract many developers, designers and eCommerce making them addicts. It has many attractive themes which make the online store more professional and stylish. PrestaShop supports many payment gateways, shipping carriers, PCI compliance, multiple currencies, multiple languages, and multiple store functionalities.

Module Description

Most people believe that the brand name item is of higher quality than a cheaper generic version. Many companies spend a fortune on advertising, customer research, and promotion of their products so that their brand becomes a household name. Generic products are not advertised and are generally not packaged as brightly and expensively. Familiarity is another major reason for people preferring to buy brand name products. Hence, people feel that familiar products are much more reliable.

Simple and quick to install, this module helps the website owner to display the brand logo in his PrestaShop eCommerce store. This will attract many customers who want to buy the branded products towards the store. The module allows the site owner to place the brand display block in any four positions on his website. It is the simplest and best way for the merchant to increase the sales of his business.


  • Easy to configure the Brand Logo display dimension.
  • Allow to display in any four positions of the site.
  • Position can be managed in the back office.
  • Brands will be displayed separately and each brand will have the URL to display.
  • The block title display can be manageable.
  • Block title can be configured.
  • The graphical image dimension can be configured.
  • The site owner can control the scrolling option and speed.
  • The site owner can format title text display with options to Style the font.
  • The options available to change the border style.
  • Ajax-based graphical image feature.
  • Graphical image status can be changed.

By using this module, merchant can allow his customers to easily reach his branded product. That means, if a customer wish to buy a Samsung iPod from the eCommerce store means, he can just click the Samsung brand image which is present in the brand display block to reach the Samsung product page. This saves customers’ valuable time and increases the confidence in the website.

There are more than 20,000 of PrestaShop Modules used in different ways to enhance the performance of the eCommerce website. The merchant can choose the perfect module based on his business requirement and improve the growth of his online business.

The exciting combination of Drupal (CMS) and Ubercart (Electronic Shopping Cart) powering more than thousands of websites on the Internet. It is used in many popular websites and they are getting better results out of the process. It offers many advantages to the merchants as well as the customers such as secure payment services, fast shipping process, and many more.

The Drupal First Data GGe4 Hosted is a great module which allows merchants to process credit card transactions on the eCommerce website via a secure payment page which is hosted by First Data. Drupal is easily integrated with a payment system that acts as a bridge between acceptable payment methods (check, credit card, purchase order, etc.) and payment gateways (Cyber Source, Authorize.Net, PayPal, First Data, eWay, WorldPay, iTransact, Link Point, Google, etc.).

First Data Global Gateway e4 hosted is an international payment gateway which has the ability to process thousands of payment transactions in a safe and secure manner. The 42+ years of experience make the First Data as a most popular payment gateway in the payment processing industry. It supports major credit cards such as Diners Club, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Network, and JCB. It helps merchants to build a smarter, safer, and more effective payment strategy. It provides multiple interface options for online store merchants based on what’s best for their business.

The module can integrate with any Drupal eCommerce store. It is a great option for merchants with limited technical knowledge. The module is easy to install and use. The merchant has to just implement this module in his eCommerce website. Then the full payment process will be taken care by the First Data payment gateway.

During the checkout process, First Data hosted a secure payment page in the website to collect the credit card details from the customers. It accepts all major credit card payments from the customers. By using the credit card details, First Data processes the payment transaction in a safe and secure manner. Merchants who do not wish to accept and store credit card information for security reasons will find that the First Data GGE4 hosted payment extension a perfect solution.

Without using an SSL certificate, the merchant can provide an effective and efficient payment processing services to the customers. This provides the best shopping experience to the customers. The module reduces the PCI requirements significantly. The module supports Authorize only and Authorize and Capture payment features. It allows the merchant to customize the secure payment page to display his store logo.

Features and Benefits:

  • Quick and easy to implement.
  • Compatible with Drupal 6 and 7 version.
  • The transaction is only authorized to be captured later.
  • The amount is authorized and captured immediately.
  • Need not to purchase an SSL Certificate.
  • Pass on the major PCI responsibilities to First Data.
  • Offer secure and fast payment transaction services.

The Drupal Ubercart Module is a perfect module which helps the merchant to easily attract and satisfy all the customers in the website. By implementing this module on the website, the merchant can offer a seamless checkout experience to the customers.