This is the age of smartphones and tablets and this is why it becomes imperative for businesses to create mobile apps to rev up their operations and provide a platform which allows customers to purchase products and services directly through their smart devices. So, how can you create an effective mobile application? Well, here are a few mistakes to avoid when creating a mobile app and how to fix them which can guarantee success with your mobile app:

1)   Platform Considerations: 

Windows, Android, iOS: which operating system should your mobile app be compatible with? This is a question most app developers and businesses have to face when determining the success of their mobile application. While this may sound a bit cliché, Android is the number-one platform when it comes to promoting your products and services through apps. A survey in 2012 showed more than 604 million people in the US downloaded Android apps. Therefore, it is better to go for an operating system which is used all around the world or perhaps create a mobile app which can run on all three of the top operating systems.

2)   Too Many Features

Is doing too much a mistake? Well, yes it definitely is and this is why it is imperative to abide by the universal thought ‘too much of something is bad’. Usually, when developers get the platform consideration right, they go wrong in the features part! Whether it’s an iPad app or an app for some other OS, do not overload your mobile app with too many features, as this leads to unnecessary clutter. End users want an app which is easy to use and is not overloaded with features. You can take a look at a few popular messaging apps, such as Viber, Whatsapp, and Hangout and take some useful tips.

3)   Design Interface Failure

93% of app developers target smartphones, when developing a mobile app. The average cost of developing an iOS app is approximately $27,500 and for an Android app it is $23,700. However, the cost may increase depending on the number of features you want to add and how attractive you want the design interface to be.
And, since the first impression is the last, you have just one shot at promoting your mobile app to a new customer. This is why it becomes important for businesses to have a mobile app which has an easy-to-use design interface. The design interface plays an equally important role in promoting your businesses products and services.

4)   Client Orientated

While many businesses are successful in creating a mobile app which does not carry useless clutter, supports all types of platforms and has a beautiful design interface, they usually miss out on the main area of concern which is whether the mobile app is client oriented or not. Therefore, make sure the mobile app you create is as a client driven as possible. Remember that the whole idea of developing a mobile app is to address certain client and viewer requirements.

So, now that you are familiar with the mistakes mentioned above and how to fix them, creating an effective mobile application won’t be a problem.

Day by day the popularity of the Python language is rapidly increasing. Python programming language is a modern web programming language that was originally conceived and developed by Guido van Rossum in the 1980s. The simplicity, reliability and easy interfacing of Python attract many developers towards it. The developers have written many applications based on the Python language.

During the past twelve months more than 1587 Python developer jobs were advertised on Twitter. Most of the developers love to work on projects based on Python programming language. Many experienced developers prefer Python language for the beginners who are eager to learn a programming language. This programming language is fully scalable and flexible enough for beginners to have a great beginning.

Python is widely used in the website development. Python provides various web frameworks to develop the website, such as Django, web2py, Pyramid, TurboGears, Flask, Bottle, Plone, and Django CMS. With the help of these frameworks, Python helps you to develop a powerful website.

Some of the popular websites which are using Python programming language is, Google, YouTube, Reddit (Pylon), Facebook (PHP & Python), FriendFeed, Tabblo (Django), SuggestionBox (Django), Bitbucket (Django), Disqus, and Quora.

According to a survey, Google rejects the website which is not properly updating and maintaining. If you want the search engines to crawl your website means, you should maintain your Python site in a good manner. There are many developers ready to provide maintenance services for Python sites. Choose a perfect and dedicated development team for your Python site enhancement and maintenance.

Why to maintain the Python site?

Most of the website owners think that they are done with setting a good site and do not have to do anything else apart from running their business. But to run a successful online business merchant should maintain the website regularly with the best services and tools. Many online customers wish to visit an eCommerce website which is easy to navigate, everything works properly, no broken or bad links, etc. When you are updating your website by using maintenance services, you can attract all these potential customers towards your business.

Tips for maintaining the Python site

Updating website content regularly: Fresh content helps you to easily attract many users’ attentions towards your site. Update your Python website with informative content, blogs and articles about your products and services. This content helps to increase the customer confidence and builds a trustworthy relationship with them.

Easy navigation: Most of the online users wish to visit a website which is very simple to use and helps them to easily find what they are looking for. Poor navigation reduces website traffic. Make your site visitors feel comfortable when they are using your site and thus increase the website traffic.

Attractive Images: The website look plays an important role to attract customers. They can resize and optimize images for your website or else apply special treatments like rounded corners.

A malfunction on your website may damage the business and destroy the reputation. To avoid this, one should implement website maintenance services for effective functioning in the long run. Regular updating creates new content, text, graphics or images that relate to your field to attract many visitors towards your website. One of the main reasons to go for this service is that it helps in providing the impression you want to create for your brand.

A good service provider will understand the clients’ requirements and provide them a perfect solution, making it highly user friendly and functional. For faster, much easier, great scalable and affordable Python solutions, a site owner should make sure to hire the appropriate website development service company.

In this competitive business world, simply having an online store is not enough to beat your business competitors. By 2017, online and mobile sales are expected to reach a staggering 320 billion dollars. Upgrading your online store with an eCommerce extensions and eCommerce mobile app can drive more sales and increase profitability.

More than thousands of eCommerce websites are available on the Internet to meet the requirements of the customers. So you have to provide a valid reason for online visitors to visit your site repeatedly and to purchase products on your website.

Day by day the number of people who shop online is rapidly increasing and also there are plenty of eCommerce websites currently providing the services to online customers. Most of the business owners build their own eCommerce websites based on the business perspective. Hence, many websites are similar in the eCommerce business world. So as an eCommerce website owner, you should present your website in a more unique and professional way to stay ahead of competitors.

How to make your site unique and professional?

With the help of eCommerce development company, you can make your website more professional and exclusive. But it is not an easy task to attain the full benefits of the eCommerce development until you use the best service provider for your eCommerce website. There are numerous companies providing the services to the eCommerce websites. So choose the perfect service provider for building your online store. Some of the common services that the professional service provider can offer are,

  • eCommerce website designing
  • eCommerce application development
  • Multiple eCommerce store development
  • eCommerce website development
  • Custom eCommerce shopping cart development
  • Testing, support & maintenance service
  • SEO services
  • Content Management System solutions

Essential things to consider when you build online store

Design: It is very important to design the website with attractive themes. It plays an important role in attracting many customers towards your online store. In today’s fast growing business world, most of the people accessing the eCommerce site through their mobile devices. In fact, statistics show that by 2017, over one-fourth of eCommerce sales will be made via mobile. This means that it is incredibly important to make sure your eCommerce website is optimized for mobile, providing the best experience for users no matter what device they are using to access your site.

Navigation: Most of the online users wish to visit an eCommerce website which is very easy to use. The simplicity and flexibility help your visitors to easily browse your site. By making your customers feel comfortable you can increase the traffic of your site.

Credibility: The best eCommerce website development services help you to make your site look very professional which able to tell the users that why he or she should buy your product or your service. This increases the confidence of the potential customers about your products and increases the sales of your business.

A professional eCommerce development company can develop an excellent user interface with simple and easy to navigate solution in order to help the users to easily reach their desired products from your online store. This provides the delightful shopping experience to your customers.

The experienced development team will help you at any time when you are facing any technical issues in the admin panel of your eCommerce website. So that you can easily manage the front end of your store, such as adding or editing or deleting the products, managing prices, product listings, etc. Enhance the performance of your eComerce website by using the best development services.

Do you ever wonder that why a company blog is essential for the business? A blog is much more than a “what you have been doing” update. Providing information to your potential customers and clients through your blog can serve many purposes, including making them lifelong supporters. Your company blog adds value to your site, and a frequently updated blog has been an increasingly important way of being found on the web.

Every business owner knows the importance of a blog. But across the web we can see the large amount of failed blogs. If you ask those business owners about their failed blogs, they’d probably tell you they are new to blogging or they didn’t have enough time to prepare the best blog for their business. Do you think that this type of activity will give you more profit in your business? Absolutely not.

According to the study, 57% of companies who have a blog reported acquiring a customer from their blog. In that same study, a survey of marketers revealed that 81% of businesses say that their business blog is useful to critical for their business.

Creating the content and share it with your audience is one of the important parts of business marketing strategy, which will help you to easily attract many potential customers towards your site and also to increase the sales of the business.

Why every business should blog?

  • There are 240 million blogs, 329 million people view a blog, 25 billion pages viewed by every month, 500,000 new posts every day and 400,000 comments per day on the Internet
  • Websites with blogs typically have 97% of inbound links (Links are the most important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm
  • 61% of consumers have made a purchase based on a blog post that they read
  • 60% of consumers feel positive about a company after reading its blog
  • 70% of consumers learn about a company through its blog versus ads
  • Websites that blog typically have 434% more indexed pages (You’ll receive more search traffic based on the index pages you have)
  • 82% of online consumers enjoy reading relevant content from company blogs

There are a number of other reasons blogging really matters:

Increase Visibility: The traffic of the site will increase, when the site visibility is increased. Blogging increases the chances of finding your business in the competitive business industry.

Build Trust: By writing and posting a blog with consistent, truthful, and helpful content will help you to earn strong trust from your followers and also convert blog readers into your customers.

Drives Long-term Results: Just think that you write and post a blog about your products today. The views and the leads from that blog will increase day by day if you posted the quality content. And also search engines will display that blog post in its first result page for days, weeks, months and years to come. This increases the traffic and leads. (About 70% of our traffic each month comes from posts that weren’t published that month.)

I am sure that after reading this article you will definitely look to start a company blog for your business. Try to post effective blogs in order to increase site traffic and sales.

Running a successful online business in this competitive business world is not an easy task. Hence, every business owner using different marketing techniques to increase the sales of their business. Social media marketing is one of the best marketing techniques which helps the business owners to achieve their goal easily. In this article we are going to see how social media plays in an important role for a successful online business.

Social Media – Easy way to reach many people

Social media are becoming a powerful marketing tool that helps website owners to increase the visibility of their website in an effective manner. Plenty of social media sites are used in online business industry such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing, MySpace, Google plus, Flickr, Tumblr, etc.

By integrating social media sites with your site, you can allow your customers to easily login in your site; to like and share about your products and services. It provides an opportunity to widen business contacts. It is easy to add your blog content to your social media streams. You can also add your social media stream to your blogs. The integration of social media helps you to build deep relationships with their customers.

Benefits of Social Media Integration

  • According to many surveys large number of people use social networking websites frequently, if you integrate your website with social media sites you can easily reach these users
  • By displaying your website ads on social networking site, you can easily attract all social users’ attention towards your site
  • The companies promoting their products and services on social media sites usually earn reliability and integrity in the eyes of the users
  • Helps with indirect and rapid promotion of your business, brand, products, and services across a wide audience
  • Enhance the credibility of your business, product sales, brand visibility, etc.

How to integrate social media into your site?

There are many social modules on the internet were developed to integrate social media sites with the merchant website in order to socialize the site. By socializing the site, the merchant can easily grasp a number of social users’ attention towards it business site.

According to a survey, millions of online users wish to use social networking sites and average user on Facebook, spends an average 15 hours and 33 minutes on Facebook per month and visits the site 40 times per month.

By integrating Facebook with the site, the merchant can allow his website users to “login into his website by using their Facebook account details”, “like”, “Share his product images and videos to their friends, etc.

According to BI Intelligence report – a research service from Business Insider, nearly 240 million MAUs (Monthly Active Users) visit Twitter site for a month.

Twitter is one of the most popular social media websites around the world. By integrating the site with Twitter, the merchant can provide seamless login experience to his visitors and thus you can improve the customer services.

Buy the perfect social media module based on your business requirement and integrated it with your site to attain the full benefits. This is the best and an effective way to reach your business goal quickly.

If you’re trying to sell products through online, you should create a successful online store with good design, quality, functionality, and security. Plenty of platforms on the Internet which are used by the business owners to build their online store. One of the best platforms is, WordPress. In this article we are going to see how the WordPress is a good choice for an online store.

WordPress – An Amazing Platform for online business

According to the latest survey, more than 20,000 people in this world make their lives as WordPress developers, designers and consultants.

Around the world, over 72 million people are using WordPress for their personal or business websites. WordPress is a popular open source Content Management System powered by MySQL and PHP. Currently, it’s very popular and user friendly platform. Popular websites that using WordPress are CNN, Samsung, Sony, The Mozilla Blog, The Wall Street Journal, Flickr, TechCrunch, New York Observer, PlayStation, Yahoo, eBay, Digg Blog, Woo Themes, Ford, Webmonkey, Search Engine Land, etc.

Why to use WordPress for an online store?

Themes: Most of the online customers visit the store based on its look. Themes are the most important one that every online store owner should concentrate. The online store will be visited by a large number of customers when its look is very good and attractive. WordPress offers the thousands of beautiful themes to make the website very professional and rich.

Plug-ins: There are a large number of plugins available to add new functions to WordPress. This plug-in makes the WordPress more popular. The plugin allows the developers and the users to use it for different purposes. WordPress has more than 26,000 plugins which are used to provide different features and functions in order to meet the requirements of all the users. It is very easy to use the WordPress plugins.

  • WP eCommerce is one of the most popular and strong eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Simple to download, install, and use. With this plugin, you can add a new product easily and also you can add lots of products in your online store. If you want to change anything on your website, it allows you to update without taking too much of the time.
  • Woo Commerce is a new eCommerce plugin for WordPress developed by Woo Themes on August 25, 2011. The woo Commerce plugin is similar with WP eCommerce but it had some differences. One of the main differences is woo commerce cannot apply for a lot of themes. It gives lots of menus such as Setting, reports, orders, coupons which make your online store customer friendly.

Easy Customization: Professional developers customize your website based on your business requirements. It provides a flexible website that helps you to easily manage the content, images, multimedia, etc.

Promote Products: The powerful tools of WordPress provide the website with good navigation to offer better user experience and to increase your online business. It also helps you to easily increase your brand awareness and promote products in the online business market.

WordPress supports SSL certificate to build customer trust and ensure the website security. It provides various features on your blogs, such as image sliding, permalinks, user registration, image captions, custom header and footer, comments, newsletter subscription, community polls, added graphics, etc. Finally, we can conclude this article that WordPress is a good choice for online business.

Are you looking to increase the sales of your business? Then you should make your existing customers feel happy through your services. Holding existing customers play an important role for the successful business. The number of repeat purchases made by customers’ shows that’s how they like your products, services, and brand. This will attract many new customers towards the business. If you make your existing customers happy then you can easily increase new customers to your business.

How to make your customers happy?

A lot of companies nowadays are coming up with various customer loyalty programs to ensure bigger profits for their companies. Through this program, you can offer reward points, discounts, deals and gifts to your loyal customers. Customers can receive those offers and points by plastic or punch cards called “Loyalty Cards”.

A loyalty card is a plastic or paper card, visually similar to a credit card, debit card, or digital card that identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program.

Facts about loyalty program

  • Membership in loyalty programs is growing at a rate of 26.7 percent with 2.65 billion loyalty memberships in the U.S.
  • 84 percent of consumers say they are more likely to visit the website of a retailer with a loyalty program.
  • 70 percent of members feel loyalty programs are part of their relationship with a company.
  • Loyalty programs can increase a brand’s market share by 20 percent.

By using loyalty program, you can gain the trust of loyal customers, then the product sales in your business will rapidly increase.

Who are loyal customers?

A loyal customer is one who makes regular purchases, refers others, and purchases across product and service lines. They help to increase the growth of the business by visiting the particular store regularly and purchase more products from it. It is quite impossible to run a successful business without them. Hence, it is very important to satisfy loyal customers.

Satisfy loyal customers through loyalty program

According to recent COLLOQUY research, 90 percent of Canada’s population is enrolled in at least one loyalty program – compared with 74 percent in the United States.

Identify your best customers and provide reward points to your customer for the purchases they made in your store. Through the loyalty program you can build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. You can boost your customers by providing more discounts, offers, gifts and deals for them. This will inspire your loyal customers to increase their loyalty in your business.

Everyone likes to feel included in something special, so make customers feel like VIPs by offering discounts, coupons, and promotions in a personalized manner. With the help of loyalty programs, you can attract new customers and also encourage loyal customers based on their loyalty. This is the best way to build your business and to increase loyal customers.

Online shopping was once used for only special products, but nowadays people purchase groceries, clothing, electronics, and other everyday personal items on the Internet. Based on the consumers’ needs numerous e-stores and websites are initiated. If a business man needs to make his business visible and popular, then he has to take steps to compete with other business owners. The key to staying in a competition is by using the superior quality web development solutions for your business.

These days, the importance of ecommerce web development has increased in the business. This innovative technique has revolutionized the way of doing business on the internet. It offers greater chances of understanding the client’s requirements and offers easy and quick interaction to approach various dimensions.

How do Web Development services help in eCommerce?

The eCommerce Development Services are widely used for easier website maintenance and online customer assistance. It further allows regular updates to be installed on a daily basis features enhancement. This development helps to design an excellent eCommerce store with numerous functions, powering elements, features, search facility and integrations in order to run a successful online business. With this development, you can easily increase the sales of your online store. It helps you to increase the growth of your business in a fast manner. The eCommerce services provide the most attractive and the powerful online store website to easily attract customers towards your eCommerce website.

Advantages of Web Development usage for your website

  • This website development presents the online store website look very attractive by using the themes.
  • It allows an unlimited number of products and the categories and manages them effectively.
  • It supports multiple currencies and multiple languages in order to provide services to customers around the globe.
  • It helps to create most secure websites to protect the customer details and the website information from the fraud activities.
  • Provides flexible payment gateway options to the customers by integrating your online store with many payment gateways to accept the credit cards from all over the world.
  • It combines your online store with the shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, and many more to offer the fastest shipping process in the store.
  • It offers marketing tools Daily deals, Newsletters, Emails, Coupons, and discounts to promote the online store.
  • This website development power your online store with many social networks to increase the visibility of your store and your store products on the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

The Web Development Services enhance the overall profitability of an online identity and popularizing the products and the services. The professional and the experienced eCommerce website development company will work with you to determine the exact requirements and functionality your store may require. Many companies provide effective development services to the online store owners at reasonable prices. You can increase your online business growth in an effective manner with professional, rich, and attractive websites.

Just like your body, house, vehicles, lawn, gadgets, even your website requires constant maintenance. The common mistake that most site owners do is after launching the site they think that their job is over. But this is not true as the actual work starts only after this.

When did you last update your website?

If your answer to this question is ‘I don’t remember’ that means you are not on the right track. The success of your site depends on the attention it gains. Today internet has become a very crowded place and to make your website visible to the customer. You may think you have designed a professional and responsive website, did some SEO and have provided interesting content but the expected profit is not achieved.

Here are the 7 reasons that you should be following regularly to support your website to achieve its business goals.

1: Constant update of content

Add fresh content regularly to keep visitors coming back to see what’s the latest news. If new products or updates are released it is important to add it to your website. By writing blogs and newsletters the site visitors will be engaged and active, thus creating a strong relationship with them.

2: Smooth Navigation

Ensure that the navigation is easy even if new products or contents are added. Slow sites irritate users and give them a negative impression even before they enter the site. This will reduce traffic to the site and will lead to a downfall in conversion. Eventually, this will result in lower ranking and then the site becomes invisible.

3: SEO services

To stay in the competition, a site owner has to review the website on a regular basis and check the site’s performance on various search engines and locations. For implementing his process effectively an SEO tool can be used. Keywords play an important role in the search engines. An effective SEO tool will generate many customized reports for keyword ranking analysis, such as location based keyword ranking, custom keyword ranking and search engine based ranking. This will increase the site’s visibility.

4: Images and Videos

 A site will definitely look attractive and appealing when images and videos are included. But, one should make sure that this does not slow down their site. Hence, it is better to avoid adding too many videos or slideshows as it will take a lot of time for the site to load.

5: Meet customers’ expectations

Give the customers what they want. Whether your site deals with products or services it should have a good self-explanatory description. A customer is going to purchase or reject the product or service based on this description. So, it is essential to provide a detailed description and images of products or videos to help customers understand about the products better.

6: Website customization

This is a Helps to extend the services from a national level to the international level by supporting multiple currencies, and multiple languages. Integrates payment gateways and makes it mobile and laptop friendly. Also, eCommerce shipping module should be integrated with different shipping carriers such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.

7: Use flexible eCommerce platform

If you wish to start an online business, then the first thing you should have is a website of your own. A website helps you to reach millions of customers without investing too much of money and time. It offers different ways for successful eCommerce, business promotion, expansion and branding. Also, make sure to offer alerts whenever updates of that platform are available.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the site owner to hire a professional service provider that provides all the above functions. A malfunction on your website may damage the business and destroy the reputation. To avoid this, one should implement website maintenance services for effective functioning in the long run.

Is your website slow? If you feel it is a little but manageable, then you should read the below facts.

According to the survey, one second delay in a page load time results in, 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% lesser conversions. This clearly states the importance of speeding up a site.

Also, 52% of online shoppers say that they are loyal to sites with quick page loads. There are certain things to do to speed up your website.


If you have built high quality sites with large pages, it results is sluggish loading. The best technique is to zip the content and then load them, and this process is called compression.

Minimize HTTP requests

A website may contain images, style sheets, scripts, Flash, etc. and an HTTP request will be made for each of these components. This will make sites slow. To avoid this it is better to keep a simple web design by reducing using of too many images and scripts.

Browser Caching

When you visit several websites, the web pages are stored in the hard drive in a cache, which is a temporary storage. So when you visit the site the next time, the browser can load the page without sending an HTTP request.

Edit images

Coming to images, it is always better to optimize images as oversized images take longer loading time. So, keeping images as small as possible is best for the site. The size, format, color depth and src attribute should be taken into consideration. Using JPEG is the best option for image formats. Similarly, BMPs or TIFFs should be avoided.

Reduce Redirects

To indicate the new location of a URL, track clicks, connect different parts of a site together or reserve multiple domains, you will redirect the browser from one URL to another. Each redirect triggers an extra HTTP, thus increasing the loading time. Creating responsive website is a good option that even makes mobile users experience responsive versions.

By following the above tips any website owner can get his/her site to load faster. But, manually doing all of these and maintaining it is definitely a challenging task. To minimize your efforts and put yourself at ease, it is better to hire a web service provider.

A good web service provider will be updated with all the recent techniques and will ensure that your site loads instantly and navigates smoothly. Fast and optimized pages will beyond doubts, lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. By hiring an excellent service provider who follows best practices, your site’s performance will increase and your goals can be achieved more easily with speedy websites.